German Fest Milwaukee 2018! Thank You & PHOTOS!

UPDATE- Thursday before German Fest weekend is always a fun “gathering” day. 2 Years ago I was there with my family… this year, Covid-19 cancelled the event. Still… there’s always next year!

germanfest Milwaukee

Loving these KIDS!!!

germanfest MilwaukeeIsn’t it funny how time spent having fun just FLIES by? Seems like only yesterday I was packing my bags to go to German Fest Milwaukee... and now I’m already home (still waiting on my bags though… they seem to have taken the longer route). Tech Guy and I are crazy busy sorting through the thousands of photos, and hours of video, and I’ve filled a notebook with interview notes and ideas for future posts. Still, before I go any further, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite images and memories of the weekend… and most of all,  I wanted to give a HUGE Thank You to all the people who made my weekend so special.

German Fest Milwaukee 2018

What is it that made German Fest special to me? That’s an easy one… the people. I can not express enough how grateful I am to all of the people who made this weekend possible for me and my family.  From Tammy in the German Fest office, who got me the Media pass I needed to properly badger everyone… to Erik who runs the whole show, yet still found time to check in with me to insure I was being taken care of. To Scott and Beth, who made us feel so welcome (and for talking music to my instrument loving daughter… and Kilts to the history loving daughter). And most especially, to Dale, for being our friend, tour guide and welcome committee all rolled into one.

germanfest milwaukee

Dale Blank of the Alte Kameraden (and Brad the PhotoBomber)

I also want to thank all of the people who took the time to chat to me this weekend. The strangers who opened up about their love for German culture. And the many people in the culture tent who shared information about their craft or their organizations (I think I may have confused some people… it’s not every day a girl in a dirndl and her camera man ask you questions).

I especially want to thank the many Facebook friends who took the time to stop and say hello. Most of my days are spent behind the keyboard, so it really is a fantastic feeling to meet the people who read what I write. Everyone was so kind and encouraging! It feels good to know that it’s not just my mother reading my words (in fact, if you could all just quickly send a note to my mom letting her know you exist…. ) (kidding…)

Milwaukee Germanfest

I met Juliana on the first day!

But this post is more than just a Thank You Note/ Love Fest. 

German Fest is a LOT of things… Music, food, beer, culture… did I mention food? We spent 3 days immersed in the marvelous atmosphere… and I have so much to share! Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the weekend!

This was our second year at German Fest, so we knew a little more about what to expect… but I was still blown away!

The music was outstanding! 

The German Band, Inc. (Alpenhorn group), the Austrian Express, the Freistadt Alte Kameraden Band and our new favorites… die Lauser! (keep your eyes open for these guys!)

The German Band Inc. (Alpenhorn Group)

Milwaukee Germanfest

Austrian Express

Honestly… it will be WEEKS before the “Ein Prosit” earworm fades…..

The Freistadt Alte Kameraden

germanfest Milwaukee

Die Lauser… Andreas Hinker…. Keep your eyes on this band, they are ROCKIN’!!!

Gourmet Food

Lots of Delicious Food 

(Luckily the dancing and walking worked some off…)

Sausages (and a cool mustache!)

germanfest Milwaukee

The Wurstplatte from Schnitzel & Giggles! Sooooo goood!!!!



I wonder just how many beers were consumed this weekend??


germanfest Milwaukee

You could get a liter stein of your favorite beer…( and cheaper refills…)

germanfest milwaukee

Beer was everywhere…

I REALLY enjoyed the Culture Tent… so MUCH to Learn!

germanfest Milwaukee



Muller Fasching Verein


germanfest milwaukee

Traditional Woodcarving

Germanfest milwaukee

Modern Wood Carvings

germanfest milwaukee

The Organ Maker’s Apprentice!

germanfest Milwaukee

Edelweiss Sellers! (Wishing it would survive in the California heat…)

But Best of All…. THE PEOPLE!!!

germanfest milwaukee

Mom and her adorable baby in Dirndl!


germanfest milwaukee

These guys told me all about their club’s Ox Roast… and let me photograph their Charivari…

germanfest Milwaukee

The German Fest QUEEN!

germanfest milwaukee

These CUTIES!!!!!

And of course…. lots of Dackel!!

On Sunday around 100 Dachshunds showed up for the races and costume parade!!


German Fest Milwaukee 2020

Did I get you excited about attending German Fest Milwaukee?? Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, 2020 was cancelled. But keep an eye on this site, or check out the German Fest website for information about 2021…


Thank you again to everyone who made this Weekend so special!

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