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Where to Buy Great Looking, High Quality German Sandals for Women

Where to Buy Great Looking, High Quality German Sandals for Women


german sandals for women

While I was growing up, my mother and my Oma always stressed the importance of having “good shoes”. You need a foot bed that gives you support! Then summer comes rolling around, and you want to wear sandals or slides, but how to keep giving your feet the support and comfort they need? Where can you find quality German Sandals for Women?? EASY… German-Slippers.com has a fabulous selection of German Sandals, slides and even “flip flop” type shoes that not only feel good, they look great! These aren’t the square practical shoes mom made me wear, (and they aren’t the granola hippie sandals that they used to be). German Sandals come in fashionable styles that you will love!

Thong Sandal | Milano, BrownThong Sandal | Milano, Brown

I’ve been working with the German-Slippers company for a while now. Their Haus Shoe selection is first rate with slippers and clogs that come in a variety of styles for men, women and children. (Read more about that here Warm Feet with German Hausschuhe) So I was delighted to learn that they also sell great summertime shoes! Shoes that even my teen daughter is happy to wear!

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German Sandals for Women

I live in California, where the weather is warm much of the time. You really don’t want to wear heavy leather clogs when it’s hot! You want sandals, but plastic sandals are flimsy and horrible for your feet. Worst of all, most sandals on the market have a flat foot bed. By the end of the day, my toes are sore, and my back is hurting! Wearing the German-made slides and sandals from German-Slippers means I can spend the day on my feet without hurting! The cork foot bed is molded to support your foot’s arch. And since they are all leather, your feet and toes can breathe (what? Your Oma didn’t teach you that feet need leather shoes to breathe?)

I’m lucky to have a few pairs of German Sandals…

The simple Gina slide from Haflinger is one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Mine are taupe (and happily worn in a bit). There is one leather strap that’s not too wide, so my toes are free. The strap it can be tightened with a buckle for a perfect fit (tricky for me, since I have a wider foot). These shoes don’t go flying off when I walk but stay in place comfortably.  The rubber sole means no slipping! (Remind me to tell you about the time when I wore smooth soled sandals and landed on my backside when I stepped on a painted line). I wear them anywhere I would wear a pair of flip flops, but they look “nicer”. My Gina Slide sandals live right by the door, so I’m quick into them when headed out.

Besides Pink and Hazelnut, Haflinger Bio Gina Sandals come in Purple and Taupe.

HAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Gina, PinkHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Gina, PinkHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Gina, HazelnutHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Gina, Hazelnut

Scholl Sandals

The newest German Sandals on the site come from Scholl. Scholl designs shoes that are not only good for your feet, they are really cute! (These aren’t your Oma’s shoes!!). There are several styles to choose from, and they come in different colors. I like the flats… but there’s something here for anyone who loves a wedge (they look “dressy” enough, and they are still comfortable!! Check them out here…

SCHOLL Sandal | Bahama, Rouge RubySCHOLL Sandal | Bahama, Rouge RubySCHOLL Sandal | Bahama, Rouge RubySCHOLL Sandal | Berry, Blanc CasseSCHOLL Sandal | Berry, Blanc CasseSCHOLL Sandal | Berry, Blanc CasseSCHOLL Sandal | Elon, Marron ClairSCHOLL Sandal | Elon, Marron ClairSCHOLL Sandal | Elon, Marron Clair

Haflinger Sandals

My newest pair is the Haflinger Bio Sarah… these look more like a traditional sandal. Perfect to wear with dresses or skirts, and they look great with pants. These sandals are (to my eyes… and to the lady who gushed over them at the grocery store) quite stylish, but even better, they make my feet feel great. Added bonus! I get loads of compliments whenever I wear them! I like the lighter color, but they also come in a darker leather. (Hmmmm… maybe I need a second pair). Like the Bio Gina, these sandals have an anatomically correct cork foot bed that is covered in leather for breath-ability (my feet love breathing!) and the upper is all leather.

HAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Sarah, TaupeHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Sarah, TaupeThere are so many fabulous sandal styles on German-Slippers.com, so it really is hard to choose a favorite!

My daughter, who always lived in flip-flops all summer long, has recently started wearing the  Haflinger Sandal Bio Clara (plus she loves the green!) They have that “between the toe” feature that she loves, but they are real leather (so breathable!) She rocks them with with Jeans or Shorts! As a student at Berkeley, she is no stranger to German sandals (it’s practically a requirement for enrollment)… but these have the comfort and practicality of a German Sandal for women, but also a great look that sets her apart from the other students.

HAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Clara, GreenHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Clara, Green

Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstocks are IN… just check out any college campus. And why not? they are easy to wear, support your feet, and look terrific. These aren’t just granola shoes… they are FASHION. German Slippers now carries Birkenstock Sandals!!

BIRKENSTOCK® Sandal | Mayari, MochaBIRKENSTOCK® Sandal | Mayari, MochaBIRKENSTOCK® Sandal | Mayari, MochaBIRKENSTOCK® Faux Nubuck Sandals | Arizona, stoneBIRKENSTOCK® Faux Nubuck Sandals | Arizona, stoneBIRKENSTOCK® Faux Nubuck Sandals | Arizona, stoneBIRKENSTOCK® Sandal | Florida, MochaBIRKENSTOCK® Sandal | Florida, MochaBIRKENSTOCK® Sandal | Florida, Mocha

For a bigger selection of Birkenstocks–> Birkenstock Sandals

Check the selection of German Sandals for Women  from German-Slippers.com.

Here are just a few… there are many more German Sandals women LOVE (and a lot for men too!)

JOE N JOYCE® Womens Sandals | Paris, BlackJOE N JOYCE® Womens Sandals | Paris, BlackHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Andrea, PinkHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Andrea, PinkHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Mio, KhakiHAFLINGER Sandal | Bio Mio, KhakiTHIES Sandal | Bio, AquaTHIES Sandal | Bio, Aqua


Worried about the German Sizes? Check out the size conversion chart on their website! 
Click to learn how to measure your feet for the perfect fit! (It reminds me of how my Opa used to do it with me)–> Measure Your Feet for German Sizes

Yes, the prices of the shoes are a little higher than you would spend at the local discount shoe place… but you are paying for quality. These shoes will LAST, and not need replacing after just a few months of wear. Plus… you get 20% off and Free shipping!  (and don’t forget to check the sale page!)

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And there is always free shipping worldwide!!

Don’t let summer pass you by without getting a great pair of German Sandals!


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