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What is a Charivari? Learn more about these Lederhosen Chains

What is a Charivari? Learn more about these Lederhosen Chains


When you are at a German Festival, and see people in Bavarian Tracht, you may notice that some men  wear what looks like a chain of charms on their lederhosen. What is the Lederhosen chain called? And what does it symbolize? Because I’m nosy as can be, I did some digging. The chain of trinkets or charms is called a Charivari (pronounced “schariwari”)… but what IS a Charivari?

What is a Charivari?

what is a charivari
By Mueller-rech.muenchen [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], from Wikimedia Commons
Traditionally a Charivari is an 11 – 12 inch heavy silver chain hung with trinkets and is worn with Tracht, maybe over Lederhosen or a vest. The 7- 15 trinkets or charms were usually related to hunting, and were made from carved deer teeth, claws, disks made from bone all set in silver.  Since only the upper classes were allowed to hunt, they became an important status symbol in the 19th century among the gentlemen of the nobility. These treasured items were passed down through the generations, and new bits were occasionally added. You didn’t go out and BUY the pieces, they were earned, treasured, and passed along.

A Charivari is more than just a collection of hunting trophies. It was thought that the pieces…paws, claws and teeth,  imparted the animal’s strength, speed and cunning to the hunter. These incredible pieces were a status symbol. The more varied trophies a man had on his Chain, the more courage he was said to have as a hunter.

Charivari, like any jewelry, can be rough or finely made… the finer they are, the more gemstones and silver, the higher the status of the person wearing it. You will often see silver coins or talisman, in addition to the bone and hunting souvenirs. An old inherited piece could be worth over 10,000€… Although, the value is not in the silver, but in the history.

(As an aside, The deer teeth or Hirschgrandln were thought to bring good luck in future hunts. Some fine examples of  silver Hirschgrandln jewelry  pieces came from Schwäbisch Gmünd a small town in Southern Germany. Silversmiths specialized in devotional jewelry, and sold their popular pieces all over Europe.  Then in the 19th century charms made from teeth became very popular… Prince Albert,  the German husband of Queen Victoria, not only brought the Christmas Tree to England, he also gifted his wife with a number of jewelry pieces made from deer teeth…. and also, notably, a broach made from their children’s baby teeth. This fad did not catch on.)

what is a charivari


How to Wear a Charivari with Lederhosen

Men generally attach their Charivari to their Lederhosen. There are 4 buttons at the front of the waistband… 2 for the flap, and 2 for the suspenders… hang them from the suspender buttons. Before attaching, insure that it’s not twisted. Make sure that the chain doesn’t hang too low!

Charivari Can Be Worn By Men or Women

Traditional jewellery Charivari chainTraditional jewellery Charivari chain

Women also wear Charivari on as a dirndl decoration. The chains for women are called Erbsketten (Inheritance chains), and are much finer, but they still have 7 to 11 trophies or pendants hanging from them. Another name for a woman’s Charivari is Charini… or “little Charivari”. While women might have some “hunting trophies” like bits of antler, generally a woman’s chain is hung with amethyst, coins and pendants with hearts, Edelweiss and other Bavarian motifs.

Some women like to wear their Charivari on their dirndl Apron. Be careful, clipping the chain directly too the apron can be  too heavy and drag down the apron. Sometimes you need an extra chain called a Charivarigürtel to keep it secure and in the right place. Size the Charivarigürtel to the right height at your waist, then clip the Chariwari to it. Women also wear their Charivari or Charini on the bodice of their dirndl. (Close to their heart) It clips on, and hangs over the bodice. (If you are worried that an enthusiastic dance might knock it loose, go ahead and add a few stitches to keep it in place)

Tracht skirt Plug Charivari pendant silver 800 Bayern SB310Tracht skirt Plug Charivari pendant silver 800 Bayern SB310

The newest Charini look something like a brooch with a chain loop and pendants hanging from it. This can be worn at the waist on the opposite side of the bow (if you wear your bow on the left, you put the Charini on the right). They also look really nice hanging from a blazer pocket, as an alternative to a pin or brooch.

A Charivari not Just for Nobility

Today, with the rising popularity of Tracht at Festivals, the Charivari is making a comeback. Add a little flair to your Lederhosen… Add some bling to your Dirndl… Wear a Charivari or Charini to your next Festival!!

Just keep one thing in mind…. Always make sure to keep an uneven number of pendants on your Charivari!

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Newer Styles for Men and Women….

Traditional costumes Charivari Edelweiss Gentian Freshwater PearlsTraditional costumes Charivari Edelweiss Gentian Freshwater Pearls1 Leather trousers-Charivari, two-row, 9 pendants1 Leather trousers-Charivari, two-row, 9 pendants

Vintage Charivari

These antique pieces are really special.

Traditional jewellery Charivari 835 antiqued silver SK476Traditional jewellery Charivari 835 antiqued silver SK476Long leather trousers-Charivari Long leather trousers-Charivari “coins”, 38 cmAntique costume jewelry pendantAntique costume jewelry pendantTraditional jewellery Charivari chain Austria SK896Traditional jewellery Charivari chain Austria SK896Seeking rock plug Charivari chain silver antique SB287Seeking rock plug Charivari chain silver antique SB287

Brooch or Plug Charini/Charivari

Charivari brooch, apron plug Charivari brooch, apron plug “deer”Tracht skirt Plug Charivarianhänger silver SB288Tracht skirt Plug Charivarianhänger silver SB288

Charivari Anhanger… Charivari Pendants

Make your own custom Charivari with these beautiful pendants

Antique, old trailers costumes Grandel Charivari silver 835 SK668Antique, old trailers costumes Grandel Charivari silver 835 SK668antique talon- claw talisman amulet charivari hunting trophyantique talon- claw talisman amulet charivari hunting trophyVintage Bavarian Charivari Marten Jaw 925 Sterling Silver Taxidermy Pendant.Vintage Bavarian Charivari Marten Jaw 925 Sterling Silver Taxidermy Pendant.



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