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Erdbeerbowle – A Refreshing Summer Strawberry and Wine Punch

Erdbeerbowle – A Refreshing Summer Strawberry and Wine Punch


Growing up, whenever my family has a larger summer gathering or Grill Party, my mother will make an Erdbeerbowle. This refreshing wine and strawberry punch is perfect on a warm afternoon. Sweet and light (but not TOO sweet). Plus, there is fruit involved, so you can sort of pretend it’s healthy. (Watch out for the kids though! When I was younger, we’d love sneaking those boozy strawberries!) I still love making this simple “Punch” recipe. It comes together quickly, and can be mostly made in advance…. just add the chilled sparkling wine at the last minute to make sure there are plenty of bubbles left!


Erdbeerbowle Recipe

The base recipe of Erdbeer Bowle is Strawberries, White Wine and Sparkling Wine. But, because no two people make anything the same way, there are as many different variations on the Erdbeer Bowle Recipe as there are Kartoffelsalat. The recipe below is the one we like best at my house. Soaking the Strawberries in Orange Liqueur gives them a nice punch (or gives you a nice punch if you have too many!). More traditional recipes will have you macerate the berries in sugar for a few hours to really sweeten them up. Some recipes add Lemon Peel, Lemon Juice, or even Mint.

Luckily, experimenting is a delicious activity. You could make a day of it! (Of course, you may need a nap after the 4th or 5th one….). Just think… you have the whole summer to perfect your Erdbeer Bowle Recipe.

erdbeer bowleSimple Variations-

Try changing things up with one of these variations.

Soak the Strawberries in 1/3 cup Sugar instead of the Orange Liqueur for 1 hour at room temperature before adding Wines.

Add a few slices of Lemon to the Strawberries while soaking.

Garnish with Mint Sprigs.

Serve in Punch Glasses or Large Wine Glasses

Be sure to give everyone strawberries!

Looking for a Punch Bowl or Pitcher??

These pretty bowls and pitchers are perfect for serving up your boozy fruity Bowle!

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bowle recipe


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