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German Tomato Salad Recipe with Variations

German Tomato Salad Recipe with Variations

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Don’t you just love a fresh tomato in summertime? It tastes of sunshine. Even when I can’t get any other veggies to cooperate, I always seem to have success with tomatoes. This year we got a bonus when a few “volunteer” plants came up in the garden before we started planting! Naturally, they all seem to want to come ripe at the same time, but eating them isn’t a hardship. In Germany my Oma always put a few tomatoes on the table for breakfast or Abendbrot. And a Tomatensalat showed up on the small plates to accompany the mid-day meal. A German Tomato Salad is quick to make, and incredibly tasty.

german tomato salad recipe

And, the variations are endless!

Add different herbs, take away the onion… or replace it with dried onion or diced shallots. Something as simple as changing the vinegar will change the salad. However you make it, this simple salad can go from garden to table in minutes!

Or add it to your Salatteller, to round things out.

Capture the flavors of summer with a simple German Tomato Salad Recipe!

german tomato salad recipe


Variations for Changing the German Tomato Salad Recipe

Different Oil and Vinegars-

Use Olive Oil (instead of neutral Vegetable oil)

Instead of mild White Wine Vinegar-

Use Red Wine Vinegar for a tarter flavor
Use Balsamic for a sweeter flavor


Raw onion doesn’t usually sit well with the people at my dinner table, so we make changes.

Shallots– Dice a small shallot for a milder onion flavor.
Chives– Replace the onion with extra chives
Green Onion– Replace the onion with a few chopped green onions
Dried Onion- I really like the “nutty” onion flavor that you get when using dried onion.
Onion Powder– No child can manage to pick out dried onion!


Substitute basil for a more Italian flavor
Add in some dill to the chopped herbs
Lovage (Maggikraut) makes a nice addition

Other Vegetables!

Try mixing in some canned or cooked Green Beans
Cucumber is a lovely summertime addition (especially with Dill)

Something Different- Hard Boiled Egg!

My mom just told me that her Oma would serve the Tomato Salad layered with slices of Hard Boiled Egg. Something to try…


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How to Make Tomato Salad-

Slice the Tomatoes and Onion/Shallot
Whisk the dressing ingredients

german tomato salad recipe

Don’t forget the Herbs!

German Tomato Salad

Toss Together and Serve

german tomato salad recipe


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