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Orange Liqueur Cake Recipe- Orangenlikör Kuchen

Orange Liqueur Cake Recipe- Orangenlikör Kuchen

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I’m a big fan of all things citrus. In the past I’ve shared my Oma’s Lemon Cake (Zitronenkuchen), and a Citrus based White Glühwein recipe perfect for warming the toes AND providing a full daily allowance of Viamin C. And for those of you, like me, who just love the refreshing tang of citrus, I’m now adding this Orangenlikör Kuchen, Orange Liqueur Cake Recipe, to the list. Altough the ingredient list looks long, it’s fairly straightforward, and the result is moister and more delicious than the little boxed cakes you can buy.

orange liqueur cake recipe

Yes, this cake is kind of boozy. (WHEEEEEE!) Honestly, you CAN make the cake using Orange Juice instead of the Liqueur, but you won’t achieve the punch of flavor that you get with the liqueur. (And yes, I’ve tried… I increased the Orange zest, added lemon, doubled the soaking liquid, even added more orange juice to the batter…. it just doesn’t have that zing). If you have a problem with the alcohol, or want to give it to children(although that never stopped my Oma) use Orange Juice, and maybe double the amount of orange icing to add more flavor.

Like many “soaked” cakes, it tastes just fine the day it’s baked, but it’s even better the next day. In our house not much of it lasts to the next day, because the smell of the cake baking usually lures people from the other side of the house, so either give in and give them a slice as soon as you get it iced, or stand by with a wooden spoon.

Because it’s a loaf cake, the Orange Liqueur cake is perfect for a weekend, or for slicing up and packing along. (I promise, the workday will improve after a slice of Orangenlikör Kuchen at lunchtime.)

You can also bake it ahead and freeze it, so you have it onhand whenever guests drop by or the urge to eat cake strikes you.

Orange Liqueur Cake Recipe

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Orange Liqueur Cake – How to Soak and Ice

Poke holes into the top of the cake with a skewer

orange liqueur cake


Slowly spoon the soaking liquid onto the cake. Watch that it soaks in. Poke more holes if needed.

orange liqueur cake recipe

Let the cake soak in, then remove it from the baking pan using the flaps of parchment

orangenlikör kuchen


Let cool. Then Ice if you like.

Spoon the thick icing over the cake.

orange liqueur cake

Sprinkle with more orange zest for flavor and color

orange liqueur cake recipe


Slice and serve

orange liqueur cake recipe



orange liqueur cake




  1. If you leave it soaking overnight, then remove it from the pan (warm in an oven to loosen, if needed), you will find the cake is moister. I don’t know why, but this works with other liquor-soaked cakes (such as rum cake or whiskey cake) that I have made.


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