Playmobil for Easter- Fill the Easter Basket with Bunnies & Eggs that Last!

Playmobil 4450 Bunny Spring WorkshopPlaymobil 4450 Bunny Spring Workshop

When filling Easter Baskets for kids, it’s nice to include something that they can enjoy playing with for a long time. Why not add a set from Playmobil for Easter? I’ve written before about my love for the high quality Playmobil toys that encourage children to use their imagination–>Playmobil Toys. Not only are they well made, and will last through generations of play, these Bunny sets are really cute! They stand alone, or they will blend in well with any other Playmobil sets your child might already have. Don’t want to go with the bunny theme? Why not add a Playmobil Egg to the Easter Basket? These re-usable plastic eggs are filled with all sorts of different Playmobil toys, from farmers to spacemen! There are lots of Playmobil Easter toys to choose from… and they will last far longer in the sun than a chocolate rabbit ever could! (Although, you should probably add a chocolate bunny too…)

Note- Playmobil toys are made for children over the age of 3… small parts could be a hazard for younger kids. For the littlest ones in your world, take a look at these toys instead–>Haba for Easter

Playmobil for Easter

There are lots of choices to make when it comes to Playmobil for Easter. Farm sets have farmers or children with little bunnies… but you can also get Easter Bunny sets that have Easter Bunny People painting eggs. You can even find sets that help count the days to Easter…

Playmobil Easter Calendar

Build up the excitement leading up to Easter with a Playmobil Easter Calendar! Designed similar to the Playmobil Advent Calendars, these little sets count down the 10 days before Easter. Each day, a window is opened to reveal a part of an Easter play set. (And unlike the Advent Calendar, there is no assembly required for parents).  The set comes with 36 pieces including Bunny People (presumably the Easter Bunny’s family), eggs, paint pots, and chickens who lay the eggs. Some of these pieces can’t be found with any other Playmobil sets.


Playmobil 4169 Easter Advent CalendarPlaymobil 4169 Easter Advent Calendar


Playmobil Easter Bunny Sets

The Playmobil Easter Bunny sets are little scenes into the world of the Easter Bunny! See the Easter Bunny at work, or in school teaching future Easter Bunnies to decorate eggs, Gardening or Hiking… You can even get an Easter Bunny hidden in a bar of soap! What child wouldn’t want to wash up with one of these?

Playmobil Easter Bunny SchoolPlaymobil Easter Bunny SchoolPLAYMOBIL® 6863 Easter Bunny WorkshopPLAYMOBIL® 6863 Easter Bunny WorkshopPlaymobil 4453 Bunny With WagonPlaymobil 4453 Bunny With WagonPlaymobil Bunny with BackpackPlaymobil Bunny with BackpackPlaymobil Bunnies' First Day of SchoolPlaymobil Bunnies’ First Day of SchoolPlaymobil 4451 Bunny with WheelbarrowPlaymobil 4451 Bunny with Wheelbarrow

Playmobil Bunnies

Bunnies on farms, bunnies in hutches… bunnies GALORE! If you have a child who loves bunnies, they will LOVE these Playmobil Bunnies! I think my favorite is the Bunny Barn with Carrying Case… I always love a toy that comes with its own storage! (Perfect for taking along to restaurants or gatherings, where children are expected to sit for a while)

PLAYMOBIL Bunny Barn Carry CasePLAYMOBIL Bunny Barn Carry CaseRabbit Pen with HutchRabbit Pen with HutchPLAYMOBIL Bunny HutchPLAYMOBIL Bunny HutchGirl w/ Bunnies Playmobil Pals Figure # 4529Girl w/ Bunnies Playmobil Pals Figure # 4529Playmobil Girl With PetsPlaymobil Girl With PetsPLAYMOBIL Petting ZooPLAYMOBIL Petting Zoo


Playmobil Easter Eggs

Not that excited about bunnies, but still want to stay with an Easter theme? The Playmobil Easter Eggs are fun “Easter Eggs” filled with all sorts of different Playmobil figures! Even better, it’s not a surprise, the package lets you know exactly what you are getting. Since you get to choose the figures you don’t have to worry about doubles. To keep the surprise for the kids, just take the plastic egg out of the cardboard. And Surprise!! Choose from Farmers, Spacemen, a Queen, a Tightrope Walker and MORE… Plus, the egg can be used again and again….

There are loads of choices, for boys and girls… The prices start at around $10, with most under $20. There are some rarer Playmos that may run a bit more. Still, there are plenty to choose from…

PLAYMOBIL Robo Gang Spy with Glider PlaysetPLAYMOBIL Robo Gang Spy with Glider PlaysetPLAYMOBIL Zookeeper with AlpacaPLAYMOBIL Zookeeper with AlpacaQueen Moonbeam with Baby PegasQueen Moonbeam with Baby PegasPink Egg - Fairy with Swan PondPink Egg – Fairy with Swan PondPlaymobil Mini PlaygroundPlaymobil Mini PlaygroundTightrope WalkerTightrope WalkerDragon WarriorDragon WarriorPLAYMOBIL 9416 Space agent with robot - NEW 2018PLAYMOBIL 9416 Space agent with robot – NEW 2018PLAYMOBIL 9208 Fairies with Magic CauldronPLAYMOBIL 9208 Fairies with Magic CauldronPlaymobil 4920 Red Tournament KnightPlaymobil 4920 Red Tournament KnightPlaymobil Princess with Vanity EggPlaymobil Princess with Vanity EggPLAYMOBIL 9207 Vet with FoalsPLAYMOBIL 9207 Vet with FoalsPlaymobil 4923 - Easter Egg - Moto Cross BikerPlaymobil 4923 – Easter Egg – Moto Cross BikerPLAYMOBIL Native American Girl with Forest Animals PlaysetPLAYMOBIL Native American Girl with Forest Animals PlaysetPlaymobil Boy with Children's Tractor EggPlaymobil Boy with Children’s Tractor EggPlaymobil Pirate with Rowboat EggPlaymobil Pirate with Rowboat EggPlaymobil Armored Falcon Knight with Cannon 4933Playmobil Armored Falcon Knight with Cannon 4933

Playmobil has been entertaining children with their well made toys since the 1970s… and their world just keeps growing! 

Happy Easter and Frohe Ostern!



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