Traditions from Germany- Traditional German Christmas Decorations

Traditions from Germany

Scrolling through the Traditions from Germany website is a bit like wandering through an authentic German Christmas market from the comfort of your own home. The charming wood and glass ornaments, handcrafted Pyramids, chubby Smokers, and even brightly lit Herrnhutter Sterne, bring joy and smiles to people who display them during the holiday season.

You could say that Sheri and Jochen Leipertz are in the memory business. After years of living in Germany, the family moved to the United States, where they tried very hard to keep the German traditions alive. Finally, they realized that the best way to share the love of German tradition in the US would be import it themselves! So they set up a booth at the Hudson, Ohio Christkindlmarkt to sell all the wonderful decorations they loved from home. This year, with the world in lockdown and Christmas Markets closed, they’ve moved their shop online, and made items available for everyone to purchase.

Traditions from Germany carries the Christmas decorations that make family memories. These are Christmas tree ornaments that come with a story.  You will find a Christmas Pyramid like the one Oma had. And long after the presents have been unwrapped and the treats have been eaten, the memory of the candlelit Schwiboggen in the window welcoming you home remains.

Pyramid Pyramid “Seiffen” Christmas (holds tealights) – Painted 9.1″HTraditions from Germany

Most of the beautiful hand made wood ornaments and decorations on the site come from small family owned businesses in the Erzgebirge or Ore Mountains,  where  miners turned to wood carving to support their families. Small family workshops still operate producing limited numbers of special designs. Today those Pyramids and Schwiboggen, with roots in the mining past, find their way into homes around the world where they are treasured for their details. I love knowing that today a part of this culture is still alive, and that there are craftsmen that create little gems with creativity and whole hearted dedication, and that there are people who appreciate the work that goes into them. It is a lovely response to over commercialization and cheap plastic knock-offs.

Recently, Sheri and Jochen expanded their catalog to include sparkling Inge Glass Ornaments and Herrnhutter Sterne. Both are older German companies that adhere to the philosophies of genuine and unique craftsmanship, and to maintaining German heritage that the “Traditions from Germany” company stands by.

Traditions from Germany sells more than just Christmas Decorations. On the website you will find the right sized candles for Christmas Pyramids, an assortment of incense for smokers, as well as carved trees to fill out your Village. And my favorite are the craft sets to build your own Smoker or Seiffen Church like the ones in the Seiffen workshop. Sets like these are a great project for families to build together!

Find your next family memory here….

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Candle Arch Dresden - Electric - Natural 21.2Candle Arch Dresden – Electric – Natural 21.2″HTraditions from GermanyCandle Arch Smoker House (holds tea lights) 8.7Candle Arch Smoker House (holds tea lights) 8.7″HTraditions from Germany




Ornament - Santa (with Christmas tree and presents) - Natural 4.5Ornament – Santa (with Christmas tree and presents) – Natural 4.5″HTraditions from GermanyOrnament - Angle with book, blue wings - 2.0Ornament – Angle with book, blue wings – 2.0″HTraditions from Germany


Glass Ornament - Glass Ornament – “Kalle” 3.6″HTraditions from GermanyGlass Ornament - Glass Ornament – “Angel” (Red) 4″HTraditions from Germany

Decoration - Glass Ornament - Tree Topper - Decoration – Glass Ornament – Tree Topper – “Silver Reflections” (Silver) 14.2″HTraditions from Germany

Smoker - Santa Claus with Train - Painted 10.3Smoker – Santa Claus with Train – Painted 10.3″HTraditions from GermanySmoker - House - Painted 4.3Smoker – House – Painted 4.3″HTraditions from Germany






Moravian Star - Original Herrnhut Plastic StarMoravian Star – Original Herrnhut Plastic StarTraditions from GermanyMoravian Star - Original Herrnhut Plastic Star ChainMoravian Star – Original Herrnhut Plastic Star ChainTraditions from Germany





Decoration - Minature Seiffen Village - Lightly stained 2.17Decoration – Minature Seiffen Village – Lightly stained 2.17″HTraditions from GermanyCraft - Seiffen Church (w/light) to build - Natural 6.7Craft – Seiffen Church (w/light) to build – Natural 6.7″HTraditions from Germany



Decoration Trees with Birdhouse - Green 7.9Decoration Trees with Birdhouse – Green 7.9″H – 10.7″H (set of 2)Traditions from GermanyOrnament - Chip Trees - Natural 3.1Ornament – Chip Trees – Natural 3.1″H – 7.9″H (set of 5)Traditions from Germany

Traditions from Germany

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  1. Love your website, have really enjoyed reading about all the different traditions, now understand about the different characters for Christmas 🎅. Thank you so much for having a wonderful, magical explanations.

    1. Thank you! Research and sharing is my favorite thing. I’m glad you like it.

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