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WoolFit Slippers for a Perfect Fit

WoolFit Slippers for a Perfect Fit


In our house we wear House Shoes. Why? I like warm feet, clean floors, and I hate slipping on stairs. A few months ago German Slippers sent me a new pair… something different this time. WoolFit Slippers are boiled wool slippers, like I usually get, but these are different than my normal slippers. Woolfit slippers have a felted wool foot bed that contours itself to fit to YOUR foot shape. And before you know it, you have a pair of House Shoes that fit like they were made just for you.

WoolFit Slippers

What makes WoolFit Slippers different that other slippers? When you buy a pair of Haflinger slippers, they come with a formed insole that makes up the foot bed. Sort of a one shape fits all. That’s great for many people, but for someone with a narrow foot, the fit is a bit off. WoolFit Slippers have a double thick felted wool foot bed. When you wear them, you essentially mold the slipper to fit your foot. This doesn’t mean that there is no support or protection! The leather sole is cut and sewn on to the wool in a way that gives support! But the actual form of the insole is created by your foot.

It’s like having a custom made shoe!

woolfit slippers

I admit, for me, it took a little bit of getting used to. The first few days they felt “funny”… not uncomfortable, just different from what I’m used to. And they do feel narrower than my old slippers (granted, I’ve been wearing the old ones for a while, and they’ve been worn hard!) But now? They fit like a glove, super comfortable, and all mine!

How do WoolFit Slippers Look?

You can get WoolFit Slippers in 9 different colors… and in a few different styles. They are all minimalist and practical.  Color is the only real real variation (although you can get a different color foot bed insert to mix things up). A groovy copper tag is the only ornament.

woolfit slippers

The Classic Footprint Slipper has an open heel. Perfect for sliding in to as you walk in the door of the house. Kick of outside shoes, step in to House Shoes! (Look! No Hands! You can keep juggling the groceries!)

Want something with a bit more “staying on” power? Try the WoolFit Slipper Clogs. These are more of an indoor Shoe than Slipper… and they won’t fall off when you kick back in the recliner.

The WoolFit Vario comes with a removable insole, for airing or cleaning.

woolfit slippers

Woolfit Slippers are indoor shoes. The soles are made from a split leather suede, with just a hint of a heel or rise in the back. They are sewn and glued to the wool top in a way to support your foot anatomically. The suede still gives me grippy support when walking on stairs (unlike just wearing socks, which can be a disaster). The thick felted wool upper is seamless and simple. And although I do like in sunny California, I appreciate the extra warmth.

Order WoolFit Slippers from German Slippers

German Slippers has a full selection of hand made WoolFit Slippers.

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woolfit slippers

Click Here to Order WoolFit Footprint Slippers from German Slippers

Also available in red, brown, green, yellow, grey and MORE


woolfit slippers


Click Here to order WoolFit Vario Slippers from German Slippers

Also available in brown, blue, red, and grey

woolfit slippers

Click HERE to Order Woolfit close-heeled Clogs from German Slippers

Also available in blue, brown, graphite, beige, and green



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