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Ask most people what they miss the most about Germany, and they will say…”The Bread”. Flavorful loaves made from rye for Abendbrot, Brötchen (rolls) with crisp crust at the breakfast table, seeded loaves to accompany soups. And while the artisanal breads are starting to gain traction here in the United States, NOTHING compares to a good loaf of German Bread. It’s the grain, the water, the all-natural ingredients that impart German Bread with unforgettable flavor and texture. Fortunately, The Brot Box makes it possible to buy German Bread online. These high quality German Breads come shipped straight to your home! Authentic loaves, par-baked in Germany, then refrigerated until you are ready finish them off in your oven.

Imagine… Brötchen, both plain and (my favorite) topped with Pumpkin Seeds. Country Loaves and Rye Breads that taste as if you just picked them up from the Bäckerei! Even Pretzels! All delivered to your door.

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Rye Crust Bread 1 kgRye Crust Bread 1 kgThe Brot BoxPremium Seed Bread 750 gPremium Seed Bread 750 gThe Brot BoxStone Oven Bürli BreadStone Oven Bürli BreadThe Brot Box

Looking for Great Gifts?

Bread makes the PERFECT GIFT
Or maybe you want to stock your freezer? These bread boxes are the perfect thing… great varieties of bread in three different sizes.

Germans' Favorites Small BoxGermans’ Favorites Small BoxThe Brot BoxYour Bestseller BoxYour Bestseller BoxThe Brot BoxGermans' Favorites Large BoxGermans’ Favorites Large BoxThe Brot Box

Buy German Bread Online from the Brot Box

I recently sampled a few of The Brot Box’s products, and I can honestly say that I never want to buy grocery store bread again. (And honestly, my husband decided he wants the Stone Oven Bürli Bread with every meal)

The Brot Box prides itself by using few ingredients in their products, and no added sugar or other processed additives. Breads are made from Grains, German Flour, Water, Yeast, and some Seeds. They are high fiber and protein, perfect for a healthy lifestyle and diet. But! Healthy ingredients don’t mean flavor is sacrificed, or that the texture is overly dense. You eat healthy without feeling like you’ve had to give something up.
buy german bread online

(side note- Recently we’ve had some health issues in our household that mean we have to adjust the diet, and these breads make it easy. No, no one has to give up bread… it’s just a matter of switching to the RIGHT bread. And the Brot Box makes that easy.)

And it’s not just German Breads! Their XL Oktoberfest Pretzels are a fantastic addition to your bread basket or your Oktoberfest party.

brot box

The Newest Brot Box Bread…. Whole Grain Rye Bread!

Super healthy and very tasty… these pre-sliced whole grain breads don’t require any baking, just take off what you need, and store the rest in the refrigerator.

100% Whole Grain Rye Bread100% Whole Grain Rye BreadThe Brot Box100% Pure & Whole Bread100% Pure & Whole BreadThe Brot Box

Buy German Bread Online from the Brot Box

Here’s how it works
You can order your individual Breads and Brötchen, or order one of the three boxes filled with a selection of favorites. Because they now have two locations, the breads ship Nationwide, and arrive in just a few days, neatly packed and refrigerated. Store the breads in the freezer until you are ready to bake one up.

Bread in the freezer? YES! Because the Brot Box breads don’t have preservatives, like supermarket bread, it’s best to store them in the freezer until you are ready to bake and enjoy them. In fact, you can freeze the bread for up to 6 months without any affect on flavor or texture.

The bread is packaged with instructions for thawing and baking.

brot box instructions

Just leave it on the counter in the package for the set time. Then bake on a baking sheet. Most take 10-20 minutes. That’s it! Letting the bread cool really is the hardest part. Your mouth will begin to water because your home will smell like a German Bakery. And suddenly everyone will gather in the kitchen waiting for that first slice….

brot box instructions

Pumpkin Seed Rolls (5 pack)Pumpkin Seed Rolls (5 pack)The Brot BoxLow-Carb Power Rolls (5 pack)Low-Carb Power Rolls (5 pack)The Brot Box

Slice off what you need, and the rest can be sealed up and frozen again.

Baker's RollsBaker’s RollsThe Brot BoxRye Crust Bread 1 kgRye Crust Bread 1 kgThe Brot BoxXL Oktoberfest Pretzels (4 pack)XL Oktoberfest Pretzels (4 pack)The Brot BoxPretzel Sandwich Rolls (5 pack)Pretzel Sandwich Rolls (5 pack)The Brot BoxSwiss Farmers LoafSwiss Farmers LoafThe Brot BoxPotato Carrot Rolls (5 pack)Potato Carrot Rolls (5 pack)The Brot Box


Some of Our Favorites!

Stone Oven Bürli Bread– The bread is really 4 rolls baked together, so they are easy to break apart. Delicious chewy crust, and fluffy insides. These rolls can be used for sandwiches (and I even saw them used for burgers), but I was perfectly content to smear on butter and just enjoy the bread.

Buy German Bread Online

Baker’s Rolls The Brötchen took me back to Oma’s breakfast table. Crisp outside, light inside. The taste was just right. Perfect with jam!

Buy German Bread Online

Pumpkin Seed Rolls It’s no secret that I adore Pumpkin Seed Rolls. These were perfect, and LOADED with pumpkin seeds. The taste was excellent alone with butter, with jam, and even with a slice of Salami. They would fit well in the Bread basket at breakfast, or in the evening with a soup or stew.

Buy German Bread Online

Swiss Farmer’s Loaf- I immediately sliced half of the loaf for our lunchtime sandwiches. A smear of butter and slice of Schinken (ham) made the perfect Schnitte. My guy doubled it up to eat as sandwich, and he loved it. It’s a sturdier bread, but not too heavy to eat doubled up.

Buy German Bread Online

Rye Crust LoafThe strong flavor of the round Rye Crust Loaf makes it a perfect base for cheese and Aufschnitt, or served alongside a bowl of hearty Goulaschsuppe. It reminded me of a bread my Tante goes out of her way to buy from a special bakery in Münster. This is a bread with substance!

Buy German Bread Online

Premium Seed Bread Hearty, loaded with seeds, and topped with pumpkin seeds (YUM)! This bread was excellent for a simple sandwich at lunch or Abendbrot.

Buy German Bread Online

New Spreads for Your Bread

The Brot Box recently started carrying delicious tasting spreads. These Organic vegan spreads are loaded with flavor! Spread on your favorite bread! We served them recently at a neighborhood gathering, and they were a huge hit!

Organic Tuscany SpreadOrganic Tuscany SpreadThe Brot BoxOrganic Mediterranean SpreadOrganic Mediterranean SpreadThe Brot Box

New Olive Ciabattini Rolls! Perfect for those Spreads…

Perfect with a dinner of soup or salad…and excellent with some Aufschnitt!

Olive Ciabattini Rolls (4 pack)Olive Ciabattini Rolls (4 pack)The Brot Box

The Brot Box Gift Cards

A Great Gift for Friends and Family! Order your Gift Card HERE

brot box gift card


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8 thoughts on “Buy German Bread Online from The Brot Box

  1. Hi Karen.
    What is the price for the German Brot box? You didn’t mention it anywhere. I have a limited income from Social Security and need to know how much it costs. Thank you and have a great Valentines day.

    1. If you click the images or the highlighted links, it will take you directly to the Brot Box website… all the prices are different, and you can see them there.

  2. Please send me some info about the bead box. And how to order.thank you

  3. Hi Karen.
    I used to order German bread from a different company. What they charged for S/H was unbelievable. I ordered 6 loafs and it cost me as much as my order. 83.00 for my order, and same price for S/H. I got away from that company. I will try these one and see if I can afford it. Thank you for giving us another company to order from. Are the coupons for this place? Have a wonderful day Karen. Gigi.

    1. Hi Gigi… they offer a one time savings of 5% with my coupon code- GERMANGIRLINAMERICA

    2. I have looked at getting some but the shipping as you say is outrageous. I truly miss german bread.

      1. Shipping is expensive… but still, it’s cheaper than buying a plane ticket.

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