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Where to Buy German Candy-  Order it TODAY!

Where to Buy German Candy- Order it TODAY!


Ahoj-Brause Bonbons ColaAhoj-Brause Bonbons ColaAhoj-Brause Bonbons Cola

We all know about German Chocolate, and of course, we’ve all tried Gummi Bears, but there is a lot more German Candy from Germany that you must Taste! Brause, Mamba, Nimm 2, und more Haribo sorts than you can imagine. And the best part is? Today, thanks to the internet, we don’t have to wait for packages to arrive at Christmas… BUY GERMAN CANDY and chocolates in the United States YEAR ROUND.

Take a look at this list of favorite German Candies… see how many you remember… and see if there are any you want to try again.

German Candy From Germany

I know, you can get a lot of German candy here in the US… but is it really GERMAN candy? Or is it made here under a German name? Keep in mind, the Germany has different regulations about ingredients… you won’t find things like Corn Syrup in a German Candy. Read the labels! Know what you are eating. And be sure you buy German Candy.


“Lass prinkeln Baby!”

German candy online

That PRICKLES! Brause is a funky sort of candy… a bit like pop-rocks, only fizzy instead of poppy. Brause comes in a few different forms. You can get it as a shaped candy (Bonbon), like these mice, chewy and fizzy. Or you can get a candy (Broken) that is hard powder, sort of like a fizzy Sweet Tart. You can even get powder that you can add to drinks (or just eat by dipping a wet finger into the bag). This fizzy stuff comes in flavors like orange, cola or raspberry, and has been a kid’s favorite in Germany since my mom was a kid.

ONE box of Ahoj Brause Boxed candy -ONE box of Ahoj Brause Boxed candy –Frigeo Ahoj-Brause Herzen 200 gFrigeo Ahoj-Brause Herzen 200 gFrigeo Ahoj Brause COLA Bonbons candy -1 bag -Frigeo Ahoj Brause COLA Bonbons candy -1 bag –


Crisp Wafers, smooth Chocolate and crunchy Hazelnuts

Hanuta - Pack of 10 Wafers (220 gram)Hanuta – Pack of 10 Wafers (220 gram)

Hanuta is as much a snack as it is a candy. The chocolate filled wafer sandwiches are delicious and filling. Each little gold square pack has 2 “sandwiches”… perfect for your break. Now you can even get the minis! Which means you can justify eating more in one sitting!

Himbeer Bonbons

Sweet and hard outer shell… soft filling

Jahnke Himbeer BonbonsJahnke Himbeer Bonbons

Himbeer (Raspberry) Bonbons are a delightful hard candy. They have a wonderful raspberry flavor, sweet, not over sweet…. and when you bit in to them they CRUNCH, and a smooth filling comes out. These are the kind of hard candies that your Oma would keep in a bowl for you to nasch, but don’t think they are just for Omas!

Sahne Muh-Muhs

Original Muh-Muhs Sahne Toffees 250 g by Original Muh-MuhsOriginal Muh-Muhs Sahne Toffees 250 g by Original Muh-Muhs

These Milky Toffees are not like an American Caramel… they are soft and less chewy, and not nearly so hard on your teeth! And they are oh so sweet! The Sahne Muh Muhs have a creamy flavor and they are delicious and perfect alongside an apple.. If you love the flavor of caramel, and hate having your dental work destroyed, give these a try.

Little Round Tins of Hard Candy

Small sweets in an adorable and portable tin.

Kalfany Wildberry Candies 150gKalfany Wildberry Candies 150g

I don’t know anyone in Germany who does not have a tin of these little sweets in their car, or in their purse. They are a lovely little taste of sweet! (and maybe even help with the breath?) Available in lots of flavors, they all have the same size tin.


Nestle Choco Crossies Classic 150gNestle Choco Crossies Classic 150g

Who would think that Chocolate covered Corn Flakes and Almond slivers could be soooooo addicting!?! But around my house, when one of the gold-foil Choco-Crossies  packages is opened, the contents VANISH in an instant. Even my daughter who “HATES” nuts, keeps coming back for more! These crunchy treats are perfect on movie night… or any day that ends in a “Y”.

Shoko Linsen

Minty Chocolate Candies covered with a Hard Candy Shell

Piasten Schoko LinsenPiasten Schoko Linsen

Although Linsen means lentils, you can think of these as M&M type candies… but better! Instead of tasting like color, they taste of MINT. You always find them in Pink and White (both colors taste the same). My mother kept a jar of these in her cabinet to use as bribes for her grandchildren. (For little ones, just a few go a long way. ) And we big kids love them too.

Nimm2  (Take Two)

“Vitamine und Naschen”

NIMM 2 BonbonsNIMM 2 BonbonsNimm 2 Soft - 0.26 lbsNimm 2 Soft – 0.26 lbs

A bag of Nimm2 was always in my mom’s glove compartment… and when my kids were little, I kept a bag in my car too. These citrus flavored hard candies have a deliciously gooey soft center. You can even get them now as soft chews! Since they have VITAMINS in them, you might even consider these candies to be GOOD for you. (Just ignore the sugar). I love that they give a kick of sweetness without filling you up, and they don’t melt in a hot car.


“Haribo macht Kinder Froh und Erwachsene Eben So” (Haribo makes kids and adults happy!)

german candy from germany

Happy Kids eat Haribo! Haribo is the first and last word in German Gummy Candy.They come in loads of flavors and hundreds of shapes. But despite the Worms, Cola Bottles, Peach Rings, Wine Gums, Sharks, Mice, Berries and even TEETH, the most famous (and all time favorite) Haribo product has to be the Gummi Bar. Since the 1920s, Haribo (an abbreviation of Hans Riegel Bonn) has made Billions of these yummy bears.Today you can even get them in massive sizes! Be aware though! Not all Haribo Gummi Bears are alike! The bears made in the US contain Corn Syrup… which is not allowed in the German Made products!
For MORE Haribo products…. click HERE—> Haribo!

Haribo GoldbarenHaribo GoldbarenHaribo Baerchen Paerchen Sour and Sweet 6.17oz - NEW 2014Haribo Baerchen Paerchen Sour and Sweet 6.17oz – NEW 2014Haribo Weinland Gummi Candy / 200g / 7.1oz.Haribo Weinland Gummi Candy / 200g / 7.1oz.

Chocolate Fourrée

A Hard Candy with a Chocolate Filling

Edel Chocolate Fourrée (2 x 125g) - Chocolate hard candies with chocolate fillingEdel Chocolate Fourrée (2 x 125g) – Chocolate hard candies with chocolate filling

I never really knew the name for these candies… Chocolate Fourrée… They were always just those hard candies with the surprising chocolate filling. I only ever had them in Germany, and I’m delighted that I can now get them here in the US!


“It’s too good for kids”

Toffifee Whole Hazelnut in Nougat Cream Filled Caramell ( 125 G / 15 Pcs )Toffifee Whole Hazelnut in Nougat Cream Filled Caramell ( 125 G / 15 Pcs )

How do you know you are getting the real German Candy… look at the label… you want TOFFIFEE not Toffifay. These amazing treats were favorites of mine as a child, and I always hoped my Opa would include a few packages in the box. You knew they were special because they came came in special trays. A shell of caramel was filled with a soft nougat cream, then topped with a dollop of chocolate… Bliss… Sure, there was a whole hazelnut in the center, but I was an expert at sucking off every bit of candy, and then spitting that nut across the yard. No wonder the advertising jingle said “Toffifee, it’s too good for kids!”.


The Fresh maker!

Mentos ,(2 Of Each Flavor) The Chewy Mint Sampler/Bundle - Mint, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Spearmint, Green Apple, Fruit and Rainbow - Includes (14) 1.32oz RollsMentos ,(2 Of Each Flavor) The Chewy Mint Sampler/Bundle – Mint, Cinnamon, Strawberry, Spearmint, Green Apple, Fruit and Rainbow – Includes (14) 1.32oz Rolls

Who doesn’t remember those fun commercials! Mentos the Freshmaker! I love the mint flavored chewy candies… but I also love the fruit flavored ones. A hard outer shell, and chewy on the inside. Sweet, but not too sweet…and perfect or sharing.

Kinder Schokolade

Chocolate for a Kid’s palate!

german candy from germany

I just have to love a country that creates chocolates specifically for a child’s palate… Kinder Schokolade is a sweet milk chocolate (it may actually be too sweet for many adults). Often the chocolates are fortified or filled with a creamy milk filling … there are those vitamins! This chocolate is GOOD for you!! Kinder makes chocolates in different shapes, little finger sized bars, Schoko-bons, and even the famous Kinder Eier (Kinder Eggs). Sadly, due to FDA regulations preventing the sale of candy that contains a toy, Kinder Eier are not permitted in the US. You can, however, get Kinder JOY eggs (The candy is packaged separately from the toy) These are different though, as it is a creamy egg you eat with an enclosed spoon. I loved the bars as a child, and still get a craving for them from time to time. And the Schoko bons? Perfect for a quick bite of chocolate!
And my newest obsession that I can’t get enough of? Hippos. Honestly, cookie filled with Kinder chocolate … swoon!

Kinder Friends 34 Assorted Chocolates 7.05 OunceKinder Friends 34 Assorted Chocolates 7.05 OunceFerrero Kinder Chocolate, 8 barsFerrero Kinder Chocolate, 8 barsKinderKinder



Yummy Fruit Chews

Mamba Fruit Chews, 6count (Pack of 48)Mamba Fruit Chews, 6count (Pack of 48)

As much as I adore chocolate, I really like a nice chewy candy, and I always have some in my purse or car. Mamba, which are similar to American Starburst candies, are one of my favorites to keep on hand. It may be interesting to know that Mamba was intentionally developed to be an inexpensive, but value-for-your-money candy. Which is why they were so popular with kids. They come in bars with 4 packages with 6 chews in each… Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon and Orange. Or you can get bags for your family to share. If you are Vegan, you may be happy to learn that Mamba is made entirely without animal products or bi-products (like gelatin). I like the simple, not to sweet taste.



Lakritz /Black Licorice

Intense Licorice Flavor!

german candy from germany

Love it or hate it, you can find Lakritz all over Northern Germany. It is a taste I never acquired (but, it turns out that this is a genetic thing…) But those who love it are in luck, because now you can get REAL German Lakritz here in the United States (and not that stuff that Red Vines claims is licorice). Lakritz comes in different shapes like cats and coins, different texture, and even mixed with other flavors (I have to say, Lakritz Toffee is just a dirty trick!). I’ll just let you have mine…

Katjes Lakritz Intense / Intense LicoriceKatjes Lakritz Intense / Intense LicoriceHaribo Lakritz Schnecken 2 Bags (Each 200g)Haribo Lakritz Schnecken 2 Bags (Each 200g)4x Katjes Lakritz Batzen (German Import)4x Katjes Lakritz Batzen (German Import)Haribo Lakritz Konfekt 200g/7.05ozHaribo Lakritz Konfekt 200g/7.05ozJahnke Kautoffees Lakritz-Sahne / Licorice-cream Toffee Taffy 5.3 Oz - 150gJahnke Kautoffees Lakritz-Sahne / Licorice-cream Toffee Taffy 5.3 Oz – 150g


Little sticks of Chewy Goodness…

Hitschler Original Kaubonbon Softi Sweets classic Still taste Great x 30 pcsHitschler Original Kaubonbon Softi Sweets classic Still taste Great x 30 pcs

I admit, I have a thing for chewy candies. And candies like Softi sticks are a perfect bite when I just need a quick burst of flavor. Keep a few in your bag (the kids will thank you). And because they are small, they aren’t diet busters!

Schoko Strolche / Schaumkusse

“Knackig, schaumig, knusprig”
german candy from germany

In a less enlightened age, these delightful Chocolate Covered Marshmallows had a different name… luckily, today we call them Schaumkusse (foam kisses) or Schoko Strolche (Chocolate Rascals … like the Little Rascals). Schoko Strolche aren’t like stiff American chocolate covered marshmallows, they are more foamy or soft. Foamy marshmallow rests on a waffle cookie, so so the bottom is flat. The thin layer of chocolate can be dark, milk or even white chocolate… and the candies come in a regular (large) size, and even minis. For a super treat, stick a few into a warm broetchen… total BLISS!

Super Dickmann's 250gSuper Dickmann’s 250gDickmann Schoko Strolche - 1 x 200 gDickmann Schoko Strolche – 1 x 200 g


Sweet Almond paste

german candy from germany

Marzipan, that sweet almond confection, is made by combining Almond Meal and Honey. This candy  is a huge favorite for so many people (like my younger sister). You can get it covered in chocolate, in loaves, and shaped like fruits or piggies. Marzipan Pigs are considered a lucky gift at during the Christmas and New Year holidays. It’s also baked into cakes, like Stollen, or rolled thin and used to cover cakes. You can even get Marzipan Potatoes! The best marzipan in Germany comes from Luebeck.

Niederegger Marzipan-Potatoes (Kartoffel-Beutel) 150g/5.33 ozNiederegger Marzipan-Potatoes (Kartoffel-Beutel) 150g/5.33 ozReber Mozart Kugel 8 Piece Tray in Bag, 5.6 OuncesReber Mozart Kugel 8 Piece Tray in Bag, 5.6 Ounces6x Milka Marzipan-Crème chocolate (German Import)6x Milka Marzipan-Crème chocolate (German Import)

Box of German Candy

Can’t Decide?? Get a whole BOX of German Candies! A big box of memories

German Sweets and Chocolate Box MiniGerman Sweets and Chocolate Box MiniGerman Sweets and Chocolate Box #3German Sweets and Chocolate Box #3East Germany Sweets Box GDREast Germany Sweets Box GDR

german candy from germany


  1. My husband grew up on a military base in Germany during the 80s. He fondly remembers a candy in the shape of a star that he says only the Haribo gummy frogs come close to resembling. Do you know what these may have been?

  2. In the mid-60’s I lived in Bavaria and purchased “Sour Stuck” – think planks of sour candy in different colors/flavors. Sold kind of in bulk by street vendors. Also licorice wheels.

    Are they still made?

      1. Yes, I also remember these and loved them as a child when we were in Germany many years ago. I sure would like to have some again if they weren’t too expensive. We mangled the name as saurer stucken (for sour sticks).

        They are still made in Germany by a company named Sadex. I found them online at http://www.germandeli.com/Sweets/Candy/brand/Sadex but they are out of stock as of 05/18/2017.

        Sadex Brause-Stäbchen is the name of what we knew as sour sticks, but this translates into Shower Sticks.

        1. Brause doesn’t just mean shower, also used for lemonade drinks, or “foaming”, hense with these foaming lemonade sticks.

          Thanks for the link, this brought back memories and I am on the list now

        2. I, too, remember sauer stücken. Lived in Germany from 1953-55 and again from 1962-65. Had a teacher who was always eating them in class. They looked somewhat like a stick of chalk. One day she inadvertently started to eat a stick of chalk instead. LOL Good memory

  3. Back in 1965 I use to go to this little store in Dusslingen and get these amazing chocolate candies. They were very thin, covered in chocolate and had a crunchy center that was kind of honeycombed in texture. Does anyone have a clue as to what I am talking about? They were wrapped in gold foil paper.

  4. I am looking for suckers That were cone shape with different flavors and the had a plastic figure as the hand. I think they were call Waldzee suckers not for sure, this would have been in the 60 s . Around Ansbach

  5. Do you know where to buy those smurf gummies that come in the tub not the bag? Cuz they are different in consistency and taste.

  6. I remember a violet flavored candy shaped similar to tic tac that my grandmother would bring back when she visited Germany. Came in a purple floral box. Anyone have an idea what it might be.


  8. Not being a gummie person, I have fallen in love with jellies and hamburger specks from Luhder. World market used to carry them but discontinued and on Amazon it states that they are out of stock and not sure if they will return. Has this company went out of business? Do you know of any places in East Tn that might carry them?

  9. Hi, I’m looking for a German Taffy of sorts. A friend mentioned having some about 7 years ago and I would like to surprise him with some. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

  10. I am looking for candy that we bought off a bread truck while living in germany. It was a shell that was filled with soft honey. I would like to see if there is a chance that these can be bought. Thank you.

  11. As a kid, in the early 1960’s I lived in Darmstadt, Germany. We could buy hardened honey in sea shells. I’ve never had it in any other country. Where can we buy it now?

  12. Hi, my husband was in Germany in the early 80’s and he loved this candy that was called sour tongues. They are gummies that looked like tongues. Have you heard of them? Also he had these spiral chips that he would get at his high school in Stuggart at a snack shack, know where we may find these?

  13. Im looking for a candy called Wunderball. It’s like a jawbreaker with a sweet center. Maybe gummi? Do you carry these?


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