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German Rum Balls Recipe- a Christmas Indulgence

German Rum Balls Recipe- a Christmas Indulgence

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Rumkugeln, German Rum Balls,  have always been my favorites. Just the smell makes me all weak in the knees! When I was a child, my mother would only make them at Christmas. Just one batch. And I would watch and wait for the chance to lick the bowl and the spoon. (I think part of the appeal was the Rum… we all got silly and pretended that the alcohol actually affected us.) They were doled out a few at a time on the BunterTeller… and on plates we filled for friends and neighbors. And I savored the ones I got.

Now, for some reason, Mom never gave me the German Rum Balls Recipe. She always had an excuse… “too busy“, “can’t find it right now” and the worst, “you could just look it up“. Well… I think she wanted to keep it her secret… just so I would keep coming back (like some sort of back alley Rumkugeln dealer…. and I was addicted!)

german rum balls recipe

Thanks to Angela at All Tastes German and her “German Christmas Treats Book” (which is sadly out of print)… I am set with a wonderful German Rum Balls Recipe! And I may be moving up to the next size of Jeans by the day after tomorrow. (Although ironically, my mom came to visit… and TOOK THE BOOK WITH HER! I am crafty though, I copied the recipe out before she came!)


German Rum Balls Recipe


How to Shape your German Rum Balls

Set up your Work Station….
Bowl of Chocolate Mixture, bowl of sprinkles, tray covered with waxed paper.

german rum balls recipe

Scoop up some of the Chocolate Mixture
Shape it to a ball, and drop it in the sprinkles to coat
German Rum Balls recipe
Line the Coated German Rum Balls on the Waxed Paper covered Tray
You can put them back in the refrigerator to finish setting… but I think they are delicious RIGHT AWAY
german rum balls recipe



german rum balls recipe


  1. I love and remember the German Rum Balls. But I cannot have the rum. Any ideas how to adapt the recipe?

  2. At christmas time I am in reach of the Luhders or Riegelein Fondant Stars, do you have a receipe on how to make these myself

  3. I left the mixture in the fridge for an hour, but when I took it out to roll it, it immediately went soft and the (really messy) balls never did “set”. too bad — I was going to put them out at a tea.

  4. How long will these keep? Can you put extras in the freezer or will that mess with the flavor/texture? Trying to figure out how many days in advance I can make these!

    1. You should be able to freeze them. Wrap them up as airtight as possible (it might be best to freeze them on a sheet pan first, then put the frozen balls into an airtight bag) Let them thaw in the refrigerator.
      Days in an airtight container (or tupperware) should be fine.

  5. How do you measure your chocolate? I followed the recipe, but the consistency was very soft, softer than room temperature butter. I ended up adding almost double the powdered sugar to help. Tasty though! I’m assuming the chocolate is where I went wrong, unless I’m missing an ingredient besides the 4 listed?

  6. I believe the women who had poor results did not use either Land of Lakes or Kerrygold butter. They have less water than other butter. Maybe there is a good German butter!

  7. I have been searching for years for a recipe that I had growing up. The family that we bought them from no longer makes them and wouldn’t share the recipe. Thanks for bringing the nostalgia to our Christmas treats.

  8. Oh my! My mom from Germany makes something similar. She adds some orange juice, finely chopped walnuts and chocolate wafer cookies. (Nabisco chocolate wafer). She leaves out the butter. Oh and she uses 6 Oz of semi sweet chocolate.

  9. I am so looking forward to using a few of your recipes. I have searched for the Rum Ball that I grew up with. Grandma would never let us watch. I am trying very hard to embrace my German side. I can’t get enough, lucky I live near Portland Oregon and get to go to “ Edelweiss Delicatessen “ and get my weekly Fix of German meats.

  10. Just made these for the first time a few days ago. Danke, Danke, Danke!! Not quite sure that they should be legal, though…. mercy, they are heavenly. And I don’t even care for sweets much. Took my apprenticeship in a Konditorei in Kassel a long time ago, you kind of lose the liking for sweet stuff. But honestly, this recipe absolutely rocks. Making more for Christmas for the kids. Frohe Weihnachten!

    1. I’m glad you like them!
      I totally understand about losing the taste for sweets… I worked in a bakery for a few years, after a while I couldn’t stand the smell of sugar anymore. (I clearly recovered)


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