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German Rum Balls Recipe from All Tastes German

German Rum Balls Recipe from All Tastes German


Rumkugeln, German Rum Balls,  have always been my favorites. Just the smell makes me all weak in the knees! When I was a child, my mother would only make them at Christmas. Just one batch. And I would watch and wait for the chance to lick the bowl and the spoon. (I think part of the appeal was the Rum… we all got silly and pretended that the alcohol actually affected us.) They were doled out a few at a time on the Bunte Teller… and on plates we filled for friends and neighbors. And I savored the ones I got.

Now, for some reason, Mom never gave me the German Rum Balls Recipe. She always had an excuse… “too busy“, “can’t find it right now” and the worst, “you could just look it up“. Well… I think she wanted to keep it her secret… just so I would keep coming back (like some sort of back alley Rumkugeln dealer…. and I was addicted!)

german rum balls recipe

Thanks to Angela at All Tastes German and her “German Christmas Treats Book“… I am set with a wonderful German Rum Balls Recipe! And I may be moving up to the next size of Jeans by the day after tomorrow. (Although ironically, my mom came to visit… and TOOK THE BOOK WITH HER! I am crafty though, I copied the recipe out before she came!)

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German Rum Balls Recipe

How to Shape your German Rum Balls

Set up your Work Station….
Bowl of Chocolate Mixture, bowl of sprinkles, tray covered with waxed paper.

german rum balls recipe

Scoop up some of the Chocolate Mixture
Shape it to a ball, and drop it in the sprinkles to coat
German Rum Balls recipe
Line the Coated German Rum Balls on the Waxed Paper covered Tray
You can put them back in the refrigerator to finish setting… but I think they are delicious RIGHT AWAY
german rum balls recipe


german rum balls recipe


  1. At christmas time I am in reach of the Luhders or Riegelein Fondant Stars, do you have a receipe on how to make these myself

  2. I left the mixture in the fridge for an hour, but when I took it out to roll it, it immediately went soft and the (really messy) balls never did “set”. too bad — I was going to put them out at a tea.


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