Kinder Chocolate Made for Kids! Where to Buy Kinder Chocolate


Kinder Schokolade came into the world the same year I did… 1967. You could say we grew up together, which must explain why I love it so much. This wonderful chocolate confection is almost too sweet… but… it’s delightful for a child with a sweet tooth. (And even now when I want a bomb of sweetness).  My Opa used to send us Kinder Schokolade in his Christmas Packages… and again, there was a box for our birthdays. Mom would pack them away the goodies, and hand them out on using a rationing system. As a child I would get a single Riegel (little bar) as a treat from my mother’s pantry stash. I savored the special smooth chocolate, stretching them out to make the treats last longer.

Never tasted Kinder Schokolade? it’s time to try them. Milk chocolate covers a sweet semi solid milky filling. Each individually wrapped bar or Riegel  is just about the size of a finger, and and is sectioned, so it can be broken up into small squares.

where to buy kinder chocolate


Where is Kinder Chocolate Made?

The Kinder line was created by Ferrero, the company that brought us Nutella, in 1967. A year later they focused on the German market, (the name Kinder means children) and they moved some of the production to Germany. The idea was to create a candy of high quality that mothers would be happy to give their children; small sizes, quality ingredients, and a trusted name. Individually wrapped bars are the perfect size for a child!

where to buy kinder chocolate

German supermarkets could devote an entire aisle to Kinder! Because of Kinder’s success, Ferrero began producing related products. Kinder Bueno, combines crisp wafer cookie and creamy hazelnut filling (like Nutella), and then covers the bar with chocolate. Sadly forbidden in America, Kinder Überraschungs Eier (Kinder Surprise Eggs) are a hard milk chocolate shell with a while chocolate inner coating. The egg contains a capsule containing a small toy. Sadly, these are forbidden in the United States because of food laws that disallow putting toys inside food. And the adorable spin off from Kinder Eggs… Kinder Hippos! The hippo toys found in the eggs were so popular, that they got their own bar! Crisp wafer cookie, shaped like a hippo, are filled with hazelnut cream centers. YUM! Kinder Cards, Kinder Country, and Schoko Bons fill those Kinder Maxi Mix boxes! (It might be good to sample all of them, just to see which is your favorite.


According to Ferrero, ” —it’s a simple gesture that sweetens daily life and creates happy moments together”.

My life is sweeter for having had Kinder Chocolate, and now I share them with my children.


where to buy kinder Chocolate

Today Kinder is available in the United States (no more carefully doling out a hoarded stash!)

Kinder Chocolate 10.6 ozKinder Chocolate 10.6 ozGermanShop24Kinder Chocolate 3.53 ozKinder Chocolate 3.53 ozGermanShop24

10 piece Kinder Riegel10 piece Kinder RiegelGermanShop24


Ferrero Kinder Chocolate, 24 piecesFerrero Kinder Chocolate, 24 piecesFerrero Kinder Chocolate, 24 piecesKinder Maxi Bars - 6 x 20gKinder Maxi Bars – 6 x 20gKinder Maxi Bars - 6 x 20gFerrero Kinder Chocolate StickFerrero Kinder Chocolate StickFerrero Kinder Chocolate Stick

My New Favorite Kinder Product…. KINDER HIPPOS!

Crisp cookie, in the shape of an adorable hippo, covers a smooth hazelnut cream filling. YUM!
I could eat these all day….

Kinder Happy HipposKinder Happy HipposGermanShop24Kinder Happy Hippos DisplayKinder Happy Hippos DisplayGermanShop24


KinderKinderKinder Happy Hippo - Hazelnut, CASE, 10x(20.7g x 5) 50 pcsKinder Happy Hippo – Hazelnut, CASE, 10x(20.7g x 5) 50 pcs

More Kinder Products!<

Kinder CountryKinder CountryGermanShop24Kinder Bueno MinisKinder Bueno MinisGermanShop24Kinder Bueno BarsKinder Bueno BarsGermanShop24Kinder CountryKinder CountryGermanShop24Kinder CardsKinder CardsGermanShop24Schoko bonsSchoko bonsGermanShop24Kinder Maxi MixKinder Maxi MixGermanShop24



A Note about Kinder Eggs (Kinder Überraschungs Eier)

In 1938 the Food and Drug administration decreed that children’s candy could not be sold with toys inside, for fear of choking. Today, the US Customs and Border Protection will confiscate your eggs.
As Easter approaches, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reminds international travelers not to bring any Kinder Surprise eggs into the U.S. Also known as Kinder Eggs, these chocolate treats may be cute and seasonal but they are too dangerous to children to be imported legally into the U.S. The problem is the small plastic toy inside the Kinder Egg. While sold in many countries, this product is banned from the U.S. because young children can choke on it.”
That said… I have eaten them for years, and so have my kids, and no one has ever been hurt by them. The toys are en capsuled in a yellow inner egg that is pretty difficult for kids to get in to. The yellow plastic egg itself could be a problem for toddlers who always stick things in their mouths, but no more so than any other small toy.

Kinder has started promoting… Kinder Joy Eggs… which you eat with a spoon. It looks like Nutella with a crispy chocolate nugget in it. It does come with a toy. You can find them HERE-> Kinder Egg



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