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How to play the Stadt Land Fluss Game

How to play the Stadt Land Fluss Game


When I was a kid, we would often play the  Stadt Land Fluss Game (City Country River).  Saturday Morning German School meant a half hour drive in each direction. This is a long time to kill for a kid in the back seat in the days before iphones. Luckily, we would carpool with other kids, so we kept busy playing Stadt Land Fluss Game … all we needed was a few sheets of paper (from our composition books) and a few pencils.

Ever play this game?

stadt land fluss

The Rules for the Stadt Land Fluss Game (City Country River) are Simple

-Everyone gets a piece of paper and a pencil. The paper is divided into three columns (or more if you want to include more categories (include Names, Plants, Jobs, etc.)

-A letter is chosen (we ran down the alphabet, starting with A, but some people have elaborate ways of determining which letter to start with).

There are 2 versions

Number 1- You have two minutes to write down as many Cities, Countries and Rivers as possible starting with that letter. Fill in the proper columns on the paper.

Number 2- You can only write one answer for each column in your 2 minutes.

-Time is up… pencil’s down!

-Now compare your lists. If you have the same city, country or river listed as someone else, it is crossed off. Points are awarded for unique names.

-Invented places don’t count! (It’s a good idea to carry a portable atlas if you play with known cheaters who invent countries.) And it’s up to the group to decide if you will allow places that no longer exist.

Winner has the most points in the end (usually when we arrived at our destination, it was game over).

We all got pretty good at geography since everyone would study maps during the week, looking for unique names/places.

It’s a little ironic…today you can play the Stadt Land Fluss game online… there is an app for it! This certainly changes life in the back seat…

I included a few layouts with examples….  It’s time to include this game in our Board Game Night!

Stadt, Land, Fluss …Stadt – Land – Fluss EuropaStadt, Land, Fluss. Meine Welt in Bildern.Portable World Atlas

Here are a few Examples of Stadt Land Fluss Layouts

Go ahead and use any language you like. Add categories like Animals, Jobs, Plants, Names, Movies, Superheros, foods….


 stadt land fluss game



stadt land fluss game



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