Maps of German Wine Regions- Plan and Remember Your Wine Adventure

maps of german wine regions
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Are you planning a trip to Germany for a wine drinking adventure? You need a one of these Maps of German Wine Regions to help you organize your vacation!  I love maps. There is something about having an image to go along with an idea…. to see where the wineries are, how far apart… and what else is close by. These maps are not only functional for planning your perfect vacation, they are also quite beautiful to look at, and make great art for your walls. And afterwards, they are a nice reminder of a trip or a dream vacation… Or you can keep track of where the wines you’ve tasted came from.

Map of German Wine Regions

Did you know that there are 13 major wine growing regions in Germany? ( Ahr, Baden, Franconia, Hessische Bergstraße, Mittelrhein, Mosel, Nahe, Palatinate, Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Saale-Unstrut, Saxony, and Württemberg.) Where was that Riesling grown? How far apart are your favorite German wineries? What is the primary varietal in each German Region? These maps will help put all of that into perspective! Click here for more about each specific Wine Growing Region.

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German Wine Regions Map

Wine Map of GermanyWine Map of Germany

This Wine Map of Germany highlights all of the German Wine Growing Regions along with what varietals of wine are grown there with color coding and explanations. It also has special insets from the major regions showing where specific Wineries are located, so you can see what you will find in each region.

The map is 2 ft wide by 3 ft tall, and is printed on heavyweight archival paper. Perfect for framing!

Or attach to a foam board so you can stick  thumb tacks into spaces you want to see… or have seen.

At a glance you can see that there is more to German Wine growing than the Rhine and the Mosel…

Wine Travel Guides

Perfect to tuck into your travel bag… these wine guides are essential for anyone who wants to get to know German Wine regions. A Traveler’s Wine Guide To Germany details all 13 wine regions, and introduces you to Winemakers in each one. You also get tips on where to eat.
Wines of Germany is newer, and focuses on three wine regions in Germany, and profiles 100 different wine makers.

Wines of Germany: Mosel, Rheingau, & Nahe (Guides to Wines and Top Vineyards Book 14)Wines of Germany: Mosel, Rheingau, & Nahe (Guides to Wines and Top Vineyards Book 14)Wines of Germany: Mosel, Rheingau, & Nahe (Guides to Wines and Top Vineyards Book 14)A Traveller's Wine Guide to Germany (Traveller's Wine Guides)A Traveller’s Wine Guide to Germany (Traveller’s Wine Guides)A Traveller's Wine Guide to Germany (Traveller's Wine Guides)

Wine Atlas of Germany

Wine Atlas of GermanyWine Atlas of Germany

While this Wine Atlas of Germany can’t be stuck up on a wall… it is LOADED with 67 full color maps of Germany’s wine regions!

This book is essential for all German Wine Lovers. Not only do the authors describe each region and it’s geography, they also give details and analysis of each German winery in the region. Best of all, it covers far more than the standard Rhine and Mosel regions… chapters are devoted to wines from less familiar areas such as the Ahr, Baden, the Taubertal, and Franconia.

Don’t think that this is just an academic tome… the book is well laid out with loads of fantastic photos. The chapters are to the point, and there are a number of explanations in the sidebars.

While some people may consider this book to be a bit large at 9 x 12 inches to be a travel companion, it will fit into a satchel, and the information is too good to leave behind.


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Germany Map Wine StopperGermany Map Wine Stopper

Wine Map for Your Phone

As they say on TV, “there’s an app for that”… this little app is available for Android, and can be downloaded to phones or tablets. It has maps for 19 different countries… YES, including Germany (I know the image is France). Even works offline.
Granted, this is just a map… no other information is included… but it is a useful thing to have along on any wine adventure.

Wine MapsWine Maps

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maps of german wine regions

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