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Stollen Bites Recipe – With Variations

Stollen Bites Recipe – With Variations

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When Aldi German Week rolls around, my mom stocks up on Stollen Bites. But this year, someone got there before her, and there just weren’t any on the shelves when I found a recipe I had torn out of a magazine years ago I decided it was time to bake them for her (does anyone else have a file folder of old recipes they’ve ripped out of magazines and newspapers?) Now we will have PLENTY at Christmastime. This Stollen Bites Recipe is easier than you would think (it’s certainly easier than baking a whole Stollen!). Added bonus, you can play with the additions. I baked these with Rum Raisins and Dried Pineapple (can you say Tropical Stollen?), but you can go more traditional with Candied Citrus Peel and Marzipan, or maybe add cranberries and leave out the rum?

Traditionally a baked Stollen is brushed with melted butter, and then covered in powdered sugar. But this recipe that “decorated” the bites with a sugar glaze… and even a few sprinkles. They really do look festive this way. Why not try both? The recipe makes around 50, so you have a lot to play with.

stollen bites recipe

Stollen Bites Recipe

I’ve written up the Stollen Bites Recipe the way it was originally intended… with Candied Orange Peel. Because I baked these early in the season, none of the stores in my area had stocked the candied orange, and frankly, after visiting three stores, I was done. The recipe calls for just 1 tablespoon of it chopped fine, so I improvised.  The dried Pineapple (soaked in a bit of lemon juice) that I had in the pantry worked really well (and paired with the rum nicely.) You can use other dried fruits if you prefer. The candied citrus will give it a very traditional flavor. You could also tuck a small amount of marzipan into the center of each ball.

As for the raisins, I soaked them overnight in the rum. And then, because there was a tiny bit of rum left in the bottom of the bowl, I just dumped it into my KitchenAid mixer with the raisins. Maybe that’s what gave the dough a nice brown color? Before you panic about the kiddos eating something with alcohol… there were 4 tablespoons for the whole recipe of 50 bites… and it bakes off. If you are really worry, just plump your raisins in a bit of juice.

note- my dough looks browner than I expected, but I think that comes from the ground Almonds, the ones I used were ground with the skins on. It doesn’t affect the taste at all, it just looks darker. Could also be from the extra rum…

Because I can’t leave well enough alone, I topped my Stollen Bites three different ways.
1. With the Traditional Melted Butter and Powdered Sugar
2. With a Lemon Glaze and Sprinkles (note- I added the sprinkles because my daughter didn’t want to accidentally grab a rum glazed one)
3.  With a Rum Glaze

stollen bites recipe

Obviously, the powdered sugar is how you see most Stollen. But these are more like a cookie, so why not make it fun? The Lemon Glaze add a nice tartness… and I’m a HUGE fan of Rum, plus, they it fit well with the rum raisins.

Pick one topping… or do all three. The recipe makes between 45 and 50 Bites. 

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Step by Step

Soak the Raisins in Rum at least 2 hours (I soaked them overnight)
stollen bites recipe

Combine all the dry ingredients in the Mixer

stollen bites recipe
Add Milk, butter and Raisins (and rest of rum). Mix until it’s a dough

stollen bites recipe
Knead 10 minutes

stollen bites recipe


Add finely chopped candied Citrus (or whatever you like) , knead in until smooth

stollen bites recipe


Let rise for 1 hour… give it an extra 20 minutes time if it’s not rising

stollen bites recipe

Cover baking sheet with Parchment Paper

Preheat oven 325 degrees F

Pinch off a small amount. You want to make balls around 1 inch in diameter

stollen bites

Brush the dough balls with melted butter

stollen bites


Bake 15 minutes… let cool on rack


Set up your station- 
-naked bites on one side… melted butter and powdered sugar in bowls
-then a rack to catch the dipped balls
– I put the used parchment paper under the rack to speed clean up

stollen bites recipe

Dip a ball first in butter, then in powdered sugar
Rest on rack

stollen bites recipe



mix lemon juice and powdered sugar

stollen bites recipe

Dip stollen bites into glaze.

stollen bites recipe

set on rack

stollen bites recipe

before it dries, add sprinkles (if desired)


stollen bites recipe


For Rum Glaze

same as Lemon…
Mix powdered sugar, rum and milk

Dip bites into glaze, then let sit on a rack

stollen bites recipe

Enjoy Your Stollen Bites!

stollen bites recipe

I’d love to hear about any yummy Stollen Bites combinations that you come up with!


stolen bites pin


  1. I followed the receipe exactly, they came out good but lacking flavor, it needs way more dried fruit, the 1 cup of raisins and small amount of candied orange was not nearly enough. The lemon and rum glazes were excellent. I added cherry infused Craisins and a piece of candied orange on top of the glaze for extra flavor and decoration. Next time I will add more dried fruits to the batter.


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