Aldi German Week- Searching for German Food in an American Aldi

I’m always getting messages and comments about how someone was able to get something from Aldi US… or NOT get something from Aldi US. For years, I didnt live near an Aldi… my only Aldi experience until recently was Aldi Germany. HOWEVER! Wonder of wonders… my visit to my parents in Southern California, fell at the same time as  Aldi German Week.  My mother lives 10 minutes from 2 Aldi Stores! And so, we went… she planned to gather supplies… I planned to scope things out. And this is what I found…


In 2019 I took photos at the Aldi near my mother’s home in Southern California. In 2023 I found an Aldi in Arroyo Grande, closer to my home. The selection was quite different. I’m sharing photos from both trips. The more recent first.

Aldi German Week typically happens in April and September

Spring 2024 Aldi German Week – May 8-14

What is like to shop Aldi in America?

Much like Aldi Germany, Aldi in America is fairly plain as supermarkets go. No flashy signs, the shelves are stacked with boxes, there are very few employees. The store was clean, and the shelves were straightened (to me, a good sign). Of course, you have to remember to bring a Quarter to release your shopping cart, and don’t forget your shopping bags, or you will be paying for theirs! (Also, like the German Grocery stores, don’t think some enthusiastic bagger will be Tetrising your groceries into bags, you are ON YOUR OWN).

I love these little Aldi Quarter tags... you slip them on a key ring, so you can always grab your cart without digging through your purse. (Believe me, it was an issue…mom and I both had to look)

ALDI Keychain, ALDI Quarter, ADLI Cart QuarterALDI Keychain, ALDI Quarter, ADLI Cart QuarterAldi Keychain, Aldi-Love Quarter Keeper,Aldi Keychain, Aldi-Love Quarter Keeper,

Are there ANY Aldi German Products?

It’s my understanding that everyday, there are Aldi German Products on the shelf. They sell these few German Products labeled “Deutsche Küche”. Twice a year, in March and September, they have German Week,  when they stock more! I went into the store expecting a big display… or at least a sign… but, no. German products were sprinkled throughout the store. Granted, there were a few end caps with only German foods… but no “GET YOUR GERMAN STUFF HERE” sign.

I’ve now been to a few Aldi stores over the years, and I have seen firsthand how the different stores have different foods offered…even during German Week. You don’t always find what you expect. If you go… hope for the best, but you have to keep your eyes open, and just take what you can get.

Photos from my Aldi Store in September 2023

This store had more cake than sausages. And this time I didn’t see the German bread that I found in the other store… or the Ham.

german food at aldi

I did purchase a bag of Käse Spätzle for a night when I needed a shortcut. And I love the Potato Stick snacks…
aldi german week

The frozen Pretzels are a nice shortcut. They do take up a lot of space in the freezer though. 
german food at aldi

An end cap filled with assorted Deutsche Kuche offerings like Peanut Puffs, Spätzle, Muesli, Cookies, and Lentil Soup.

german food at aldi

And herring…
german food at aldi

Of course they had beer… Bitte ein Bitt!
german food at aldi

My biggest SCORE! Wasn’t really German… but I DO love Eiswein.

german food at aldi


These photos are from 2019 in Southern California.

A few times a year, Aldi advertises “Aldi German Week”. This time I caught the last day while visiting my parents. Since mom and I were on a mission to find these German foods, we went slowly and looked at everything. This is most of what what we found….

German Bread at Aldi

aldi German Week
Aldi Whole Rye Bread

Basically, there isn’t much German Bread at Aldi. All we found was the German Rye Bread. The price ($2.29 in California) seemed fair compared to what I’ve seen online. And mom says it tastes alright.

Food in Jars

I can honestly say, the pickles are quite good. They aren’t strong and dilly like Kosher Pickles… but they are nice with bread and Aufschnitt (Cold Cuts). As much as I love White asparagus, the texture of jarred asparagus always feels a little disappointing. (To me, this product works best in a Chicken Fricassee… not steamed with a slice of Schinken. ) Finally, Rotkohl… Red Cabbage. I’ve heard good things about this product. Because my family makes it from scratch, this is just a little sweet for me. BUT! In a pinch… or in a hurry… go ahead and use it!

German Drinks at Aldi


Aldi sells German Beer and Wines… different stores have different kinds in different amounts. You might find Wernesgrüner Pilsner or Broegel Bock beers… In wines you can find Landshut Riesling, and at Christmas time they have Christkindl wines. Check your local Aldi to see the selection.


I was delighted to find Apfel Schorle. For those of you unfamiliar with this…it’s a sparkling apple juice made by mixing apple juice and sparkling water. The drink is super common in Germany, but oddly, sort of rare in the US. I like it because it’s not too sweet, and not too bubbly.

Aldi has Spätzle

One German product Aldi has a LOT of is Spätzle! During Aldi German week you can find them in the noodle area and the frozen area. I like the dried ones, and have a few packages on hand to whip up when I’m not wanting to make them from scratch. Easy peasy… no more difficult to cook than pasta, and they taste fine. (Nothing beats home made Spätzle, but sometimes, the packaged ones are just what you want for everyday.) They also have frozen Spätzle… with cheese… like a personal casserole. We didn’t try them (and I was hesitant to buy frozen foods, because I was traveling.) They do look like something my daughter would really enjoy. The flavored Spätzle? I didn’t buy them, because they didn’t appeal to me.

In the Dairy Aisle

Some Aldis now have Quark. But… I have yet to find PLAIN Quark, it’s always flavored. (I’m not as crazy about the flavors). The small containers are nice for breakfast instead of yogurt (add a little granola!)

aldi quark
You will also  find cans of “Bavarian Cheese Spread”.  I think this is Obzata? Or maybe it’s just cream cheese and Schnittlauch (chives). Try it on Bagels or Pretzels…
adli cheese

Aldi German Aufschnitt / Cold Cuts

aldi German Week

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Salami... and I’m delighted to report that Aldi does sell a German Salami, and it’s quite good. They also sell a Braunschweiger. I’m really not a fan of Leberwurst, and I trust my mother when she says, it’s not that good. They didn’t have Schinken or Blutwurst, Gelbwurst or Teewurst… and it’s too bad.

Aldi Sausages and Bratwurst


The Bratwurst at Aldi is pretty good… not great (but for great, I think you need to be at an Imbiß in Germany with a group of friends). There are a few different styles to choose from. The Brats are reasonably priced, and perfect for a quick dinner. I’m not excited about the cheese version… (Is that an American thing?)

German Cake at Aldi

Aldi’s German Cake selection made me happy again….Please don’t get the idea that picking up a German Cake from Aldi is ANYTHING at all like shopping in a German Bakery. HOWEVER. If you like to have a small cake on hand for a nice afternoon pick-me-up, then you have some decent choices.


I bought the Bienenstich, the Apple Strudel and a few of the loaf cakes to try. The Bienenstich comes frozen. It’s made with yeast dough, so that was good, and the filling wasn’t too sweet, also good. Unfortunately, the top was a bit soggy… so it missed that sweet crunch from the almonds. Still, it was a success with those who tried it. The Apple Strudel was good… you can bake it up to give it crispness.

Best of all are the loaf cakes. These mini loaves come in a few flavors… I’m not sure if the Cherry Liqueur or the Marble cake are the favorite (they certainly vanished fast enough). And since they keep well, it’s not a bad idea to keep one of these in your pantry in case of surprise guests (or sudden hunger pains!)

Aldi German Chocolate
aldi German Week

The Spring German week was after Easter, and I noticed that Aldi still had some German Chocolate Eggs (on sale!). But I was more excited to see Schogetten! I just wish they had plain milk chocolate… maybe they do get them at other times. They generally have the Choceur brand,and I’m addicted to the Coffee&Cream.aldi chocolate

728x90 banner
COOKIES and Snacks…

stollen bites

Yes, Aldi has cookies….And they have Erdnusflips (Everyone seems to  flip for peanut flavored puffs).
The “Must Grab”  item (for my mother) would be the Stollen Bites (if you miss them, you can find the recipe here). We picked up 10 packages (they can be frozen). Both regular and chocolate dipped. During the October German week, you can also pick up Gebrannte Mandeln (sugared almonds).



My Impressions of Aldi German Week

Overall, I thought the Aldi Store was a decent discount grocery store. They don’t have 25 different varieties of ketchup… but they have good prices on the few types of ketchup (or yogurt or cereal or toothpaste). Also, like the German Aldi stores, they have an aisle with all sorts of useful objects and seasonal thing that you never knew you absolutely NEED to own (like bird feeders and lawn chairs). I found some nice, washable drawer liners for my refrigerator fruit and vegetable bin.

Aldi may not have the German Products that so many of us are always searching for, but they do have some, and it’s not a bad idea visit them during Aldi German Week. Then next one is in September 2019!

Find the Aldi Nearest YOU–>

Check out the Aldi Website
Learn what the weekly specials are here, sign up for the newsletter, even order delivery (in certain areas) HERE–>

Aldi Tips

Rachel Singer Gordon is a blogger who spends an awful lot of time at Aldi. She’s put together a little book with tips and ideas, as well as recipes, to make your trip to Aldi even more worthwhile. Check it out here…

Almost All ALDI: Shopping and Meal Planning Around Sales and SeasonsAlmost All ALDI: Shopping and Meal Planning Around Sales and Seasons


aldi german week

27 thoughts on “Aldi German Week- Searching for German Food in an American Aldi

  1. I am not German or of German decent, my heritage is Irish. Aldis is a regular part of my shopping, I like the quality of the meat and the dairy. Occasionally find an interesting household or garden item. The chocolate is wonderful. I avoid it as I try to eat low sugar but or a rare treat, that is where I would look. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Lidl which is also a fun shop. I wish they would open near me in Western NY.

  2. can you contavt me when Deutsche Kuche red cabbage is available. please?

    I want 8 jars !!! zip code is 53911

    1. I understand that Deutsche Kuche Red Cabbage is available much of the year… and that the Christmas items are arriving now

  3. I love shopping at Aldi, but I wish they had Maccaroni ( Bucatini )

  4. I wish you could get kloesse/ knoedel, german bread, fleischkase or different german sandwich meat [ in cans] in the stores (maybe even year around) living in texoma and nothing here

  5. Will you ever get weisswurst ?sp?(veal).

    1. Your best bet is to order them online–>

  6. I bought Deutsche Kueche Paprika Chips in Aldi are there coming in again?

    1. I don’t know… but you can get them here–>

  7. Haven’t seen Black Forest Torte from Deutsche Küche in 2 years in Belton, Missouri! Would be nice if we could mail-order Aldi goodies, incl. other torte. The cakes are OK but not all that exceptional but the torte was outstanding, almost as good as at the Café Woerner at the Marienplatz in Munich or other German, Austrian and Swiss confisseries. Without them available locally, I have to fly to Germany at least once a year to get to enjoy a few pieces . 🙂 When they had any, there was always just a single box one left. Germans in the US have this telephone information system and notify each other when Aldi has things they like.


    1. Remember, Aldi in America doesn’t always have many German things. You could try ordering online-

  9. I loved Aldi’s when I lived in Fayetteville Arkansas,,,but am now in Zachary Louisiana and can’t find any here…when will you come to our area…hurry..DANKE!!!

    1. you could try ordering German Things online. Try one of these–>

  10. Nice recap of Aldi, and German week. I also was expecting a big display of German food – with prominent signs…nope. just an endcap by the frozen food section. tried the dried spaetzle, flavored. thought it was nasty. I bought mostly the cookies.

    1. In my opinion, it’s easier to order online.

  11. Being a German Store I would like a German week more often. Aldi in Germany has so many more goodies.

    1. Well… Aldi in the US isn’t really a German store… they sell what turns over in the area.
      It is disappointing

  12. Great article. Im also German. I was able to find a Sweet Orange Marmelade at my Aldis in Michigan. The brand is called BERRYHILL and while that doesn’t exactly sound German (lol) it is labelled as MADE IN GERMANY and tastes like it to me.

    Another bit of trivia you may not know. In Germany there are actually 2 different Aldi chains, they are called Aldi Nord operating in the North, and Aldi Sued operating in the South. The 2 brothers don’t get along. The geographical division of North and South is known as “the Aldi equator”. Now translate that into America and they are both here too. Aldis Nord is known simply as Aldis while Aldis Sud is called (drum roll please…..) TRADER JOES !!
    Now the cat is out of the bag 🙂

  13. I am German, lived in Radolfzell am Bodensee for 24 years. I now live in Texas and miss my bauern brot, liver patee, smoked Mettwurst and the Liquor filled chocolates. I used to get those items from a German store outside of Dallas. Unfortunately they closed their business after being open for 20 years. I also bought the Lowensenf, the hot kind in a jar. Its really not that hot. Had no expiration date on it. Used it in all kinds of meals, like meatloaf, potato salad, deviled eggs. I make the potato salad my way, not the German style, like warm potato salad. Never liked it.

  14. I moved from south jersey to Miami Beach, Florida and have been fervently trying to find your Bavarian Bratwurst since I arrived a year and a half ago. I did find it once in September 2019 at one Aldi store but haven’t been able to since. None of the Aldi’s I went to carried the Deutsch Kuche uncured Bavarian Bratwurst. It’s been really frustrating. Can you tell me where the Aldi’s stock it or can I purchase it directly from your company?

    1. Aldi does German Week twice a year, but I don’t generally count on them for German Products, especially sausages.
      You might try ordering online from Bavarian Sausage company

  15. For Franne Essen, there is a German Butcher/Deli in Sarasota, Florida. I don’t know if they ship but it is worth calling them or taking a road trip.
    Geier’s Sausage Kitchen

    They have authentic and very good German products. Quite a few people of German origin live in the Sarasota /Venice/Engelwood area of south west Florida.

  16. Do you ever carry “Weiner Schnitzel” ? Good German dish
    I like your chicken schnitzel but can’t find any weiner schnitzal.

    1. Hi Frank, I don’t actually sell the products… Aldi does. I think they might carry Wiener Schnitzel during “German Week”? So either September or March.

  17. I’ve never been to Aldi in America….I recently saw 2 and have been thinking about going…. I’m going to miss my chance due to the United Nations opening…can you please extend German week!

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