A Wonderful Story about Finding Family by Veronika Hearn

This guest post about Finding Family is from my new friend Veronika Hearn. Warning! It will bring happy tears to your eyes!

Veronika and her sisters, Angelika and Doris.

I guess from the beginning of my life of when I was born in Frankfurt, Germany.

A young couple( my adoptive parents) in the Army had been stationed to Germany, they had been married for about 8 years by this time, they had many misfortunes with trying to have a baby.
So some friends of theirs had heard about a children’s home in Frankfurt.  I was about 3 months old when they had adopted me, we lived there until I was about 2 yrs old, then to the States for me.
Dad was stationed in San Francisco for a year and then to Texas where I grew up an only child.
When I was old enough to understand adoption they told me about it and that I had 2 siblings both girls. They gave me the birth years and even the birth mothers name. We 3 were all adoptees.
My folks always gave me their blessings in my search, they were GREAT parents! I miss them so.
They passed away before I found sisters, dad in 2009 & mom in 2010.
So, when I became of age or so I started my search, writing letters (before computers) to anyone who I thought could help or would listen, I did this for most of 30 years, then home computers came out and made things much easier to search. Still no luck, but I had searched every avenue possible.
Well finely a case worker in Frankfurt cared enough to help and she found 1 of my sisters (Doris middle). On the 25th of March I received a e-mail one morning and it was the case worker she found Doris. Oh! how I cried tears of joy, my husband asked, “what’s wrong”? “Nothing,” I said”, they found my sister”. I wrote back to the case worker to please give her my information, what ever it took to get to talk to her. With the time difference of 7 hours, Doris had sent an email to me. We were both so happy. Then Doris and I started emailing each other and sending pictures for several months.
Thank goodness Doris knows how to speak English because I don’t know German (very, very little) so all is good there.
She told my other sister Angelika that I had been found in America, Doris had found Angelika about 15 years earlier in Germany as well.
Doris told me that I had 2 nephews and a niece. And then Doris also said that she was expecting a grandchild, my great nephew.  (He was to be born in August, but he waited for me to arrive as well . He was born the day I arrived, 1st of September 2013.)
So I told hubby that I was going to Germany for a month, he was very happy for me! On September 1st 2013, I left Kansas Germany bound, and finally re-united with my sisters. It was the most AWESOME experience ever in my life, to finally have the hole in my heart so full, what an awesome feeling.
And now we have a great relationship, I am in Germany today where my sister Doris lives in Wenden, I will be here until mid November and then back to Kansas where I live for the past 18 years, husband is from Kansas.
For links to help you track lost family, see —>German Genealogy:How to find Family in Germany
I would love to post your stories about Germany too…. happy, sad or silly. Email me (Karen)  [email protected] if you have something you would like to share!


4 thoughts on “A Wonderful Story about Finding Family by Veronika Hearn

  1. Loved your story. I have one similar. I was born/adopted in Aschaffenburg Germany, 1953. My biological mother had 6 children in 7 years, gave us all up. American families adopted us separately. I was blessed to meet her. I found 3 brothers, still looking for 1 brother & 1 sister. God has truly blessed you (& me). I have an aunt (tante Gunda) & cousins living in Germany. Tante Gunda doesn’t speak English, but my cousins do. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Blessings

    1. Carmella, I know it’s a needle in a haystack, but if you know their names, maybe post them here, and someone will recognize them….Good luck!

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