Eiskaffee Recipe – Make this Delicious German Eisdiele Drink at Home


A German Eiskaffee is a tasty way to beat the heat! This delightful treat is found in every Eisdiele (Ice Cream Shop) across Germany… and I guarantee that on a warm Saturday or Sunday afternoon you will find loads of folks, sitting under shade umbrellas, sucking up this tasty drink/dessert. Eiskaffee might seem like Iced Coffee… but it’s different. It’s richer, and more dessert-like than a simple cup of coffee with ice. Luckily, it’s SUPER easy to make this Eiskaffee Recipe at home. All you need is coffee, ice cream, whipped cream, and some chocolate.

Oh… and a shade umbrella…..

eiskaffee recipe

Eiskaffee Recipe

(Not only does Eiskaffee cool you off, it also provides a great way to get rid leftover coffee…)

Honestly, this recipe dead-easy to make… the “fancy” is in the details. Use a strong German Coffee... use a high quality vanilla ice cream… use smooth German chocolate to make your chocolate curls… and (to gild the lily) provide a crisp waffle cookie for some crunch.

On one of my trips to Germany, I found these fantastic straw spoons for sale… so I brought them home, and we always use them for our ice cream treats. A regular straw or spoon will do, but these are just fun. (Just remember to clean them carefully after using!)

eiskaffee recipe

Recipe for 1 German Eiskaffee….

(This recipe can be doubled, tripled or how-ever-many-ied)

Into a serving glass pour-
1 cup of COLD coffee
1 cup of Ice Cream
top with
LOTS of Whipped Cream (sweet or unsweet, you choose) I do love the unsweetened real whipped cream that you whip up yourself… but sometimes it’s just easier to get the stuff out of the can (you can get the one made from real cream… just don’t let my Oma see you cheating) You want the cream to coffee/ice cream ratio to be about 1:1
top the cream with
Chocolate Shavings (use a decent chocolate.) I find that the easiest way to do this is to open a new chocolate bar, then shave the end with a potato peeler OVER THE EISKAFFEE (If you do it over a plate, you will have to pick up the shavings, and they will get melty).
note- because you have not messed up the chocolate bar by shaving it, you will have to eat the rest of the bar… win/win

Stick a Waffle Cookie into the cream…. serve with a straw.

NOTE- I do NOT add sugar to my Eiskaffee! The Ice Cream adds plenty of sweetness, as does the whipped cream (if you add sweet cream). However, if you have people who need sugar, serving with a bit of sugar just makes a mess. It’s best to sweeten the coffee itself while it’s still warm.


eiskaffee recipe

Eiskaffee will even make a hot teenager smile…


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Reusable Straw Spoons

eiskaffee recipe

Just a few ingredients…

These Reusable Straw Spoons are perfect for Eiskaffee... you can spoon and slurp your way to the bottom… then clean it up, and use the spoon again next time.
I like the look of the spoons with the silicon color (so the kids can fight over who gets green) but the set with a cleaning brush is fabulous! Much easier to keep the inside of the straw sanitary. (And you can get different sized sets)

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eiskaffee recipe

Add LOTS of Whipped Cream

Flat Waffle Cookies or Filled Tube Waffle Cookies?

Which do you like best?

Daelmans Stroopwafel Minis, Caramel, 5.29 ozDaelmans Stroopwafel Minis, Caramel, 5.29 ozPepperidge Farm Pirouettes, Cookies, Chocolate Hazelnut, 13.5 oz, TinPepperidge Farm Pirouettes, Cookies, Chocolate Hazelnut, 13.5 oz, Tin

eiskaffee recipe

Shave the chocolate curls with a potato peeler…. This chocolate bar got a bit warm, so I felt comfortable sacrificing it to the Eiskaffee

eiskaffee recipe

eiskaffee recipe


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