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Gingerbread Hearts to Buy -German Heart Cookies for your Schatzi!

Gingerbread Hearts to Buy -German Heart Cookies for your Schatzi!


Oktoberfest is not just about Beer! Remember, Oktoberfest started as a wedding celebration, as an expression of love. So it is only natural that today, symbols of love still exist on the Wiesn in the form of Gingerbread decorated with love notes and cute sayings. But if you aren’t going to be in Munich, where can you buy German Gingerbread hearts? Luckily, these German Oktoberfest cookies are available to order... and you can even get them personalized! Perfect for your own Oktoberfest Party… or maybe as a proposal for your special friend…

You can Buy German Gingerbread hearts year round! I’ve seen them at Maifests, at Easter Markets, and at summer festivals. They are a delicious reminder of Germany, and a sweet addition to any party.

And wouldn’t they make fun German Wedding, Engagement party, or Webtoberfest Favors?

But first, a little information about these sweet Oktoberfest Heart Cookies…

lebkuchen hearts

Order this special edition Webtoberfest Heart Cookie HERE
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Story of Oktoberfest Heart Cookies

Oktoberfest is much more than a beer fest. It’s a celebration of love that has grown into one of the biggest parties in the world. Rides, Beer Tents and Food Stands fill the Wiesn. And since the 1950s Lebkuchen Herze … Gingerbread Hearts… with sayings on them have been a big seller. Legend has it that the originally heart shaped treats were made from Chocolate, but since they would melt, a Munich Master baker named Gustav Teschernich decided to bake Gingerbread hearts instead. Instead of the usual Christmas colors, he chose to decorate the hearts with poems. As time passed, the poems got shorter, and eventually became just short sayings or expressions of love.

Today, over 50,000 Oktoberfest Gingerbread hearts are sold EVERY DAY.

The hearts come in all sizes. Many say “Oktoberfest” or “Wiesn”… a popular sentiment is “I mog di” (I like you). People also buy German Gingerbread hearts to declare their status “single” or “Prinzessin”. Use a heart to flirt… use a heart to lure someone…use a heart to be silly…. Think of the sentiments as a non-electronic status update. You can get your name, or let someone know how you feel. And every year, around 50 hearts are custom ordered to make a special Wiesn proposal….

gingerbread hearts to buy

What Makes an Oktoberfest Gingerbread Heart?

Oktoberfest Gingerbread Cookies are more about style than flavor. While you can eat them, the cookies are strong and sturdy, and thought of more as a souvenir of a wonderful time. They will last for years hung on a wall (or a bedpost).

A German Oktoberfest Cookie must have the following characteristics!

  • The classic heart shape (size does not matter)
  • White sugar icing decoration around the heart’s edge
  • Sentiment written in white sugar icing
  • Colorful flowers and hearts to decorate the cookie.
  • Dark sugar glaze to protect the the rich brown cookie
  • Ribbon for hanging… either around the neck, or on the wall

Buy German Gingerbread Hearts HERE

Different sizes, different expressions, you can even have your Oktoberfest Heart Cookies personalized with names or dates. Remember, since they are baked and decorated to order, don’t wait until the last minute!

You're the BestYou’re the BestYou're the BestO'zapft is!O’zapft is!O'zapft is!Hab Dich Lieb- I love youHab Dich Lieb- I love youHab Dich Lieb- I love youI like youI like youI like youI love BierI love BierI love BierGriaß DiGriaß DiGriaß DiYou are sweetYou are sweetYou are sweetSchatzi!Schatzi!Schatzi!


Squeeze MeSqueeze MeSqueeze MeHerzlich WilkommenHerzlich WilkommenHerzlich WilkommenLausbubLausbubLausbubThank YouThank YouThank YouSpatzlSpatzlSpatzll love youl love youl love youBest Friends ForeverBest Friends ForeverBest Friends Forever

Webtoberfest 2020 Heart

Free with a $150 purchase (and the promo code  OZAPFTIS2020)

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Customized Lebkuchenherzen - 4 inchCustomized Lebkuchenherzen – 4 inch

EXTRA Large Oktoberfest Heart Cookies

These giant Oktoberfest Hearts have enough room on them for a proposal, a poem, or even a song! These hearts are 11 inches wide, and 10 inches tall, come wrapped in cellophane and with a ribbon. You can choose up to 4 colors.

Customized Gingerbread Heart (Lebkuchen) - XXX-largeCustomized Gingerbread Heart (Lebkuchen) – XXX-large




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