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History of Hummel Figurines -Collecting German Hummel Figurines

History of Hummel Figurines -Collecting German Hummel Figurines


Many people associate Germany with Hummel Figurines, and presume that we would have loads of them in our home. Actually, while I was growing up, my mother always had just one Hummel Figurine displayed in her Living Room Schrank… a little girl walking with a basket. She told me her aunt gave it to her when she left Germany, so it had special meaning to her. As I came to know other Germans, and people of German descent, I learned that a LOT of people do love and collect Hummels… for their beauty, and their collectible value. I also found that the history of Hummel Figurines is as sweet as the faces on the ornaments.

Hummel Figurine Sister 98/2/0Hummel Figurine Sister 98/2/0Hummel Figurine Sister 98/2/0

Over time, some Hummel Figurines became valuable collectibles, while others, are just precious objects meant to be enjoyed. As for me? I have a Hummel Figurine of my own, given to me by my mother… a little girl sitting in an apple tree, a reminder of the young adventurous girl I once was (and still am inside). Looking at it always makes me smile.


how to date hummels


I was privileged to meet Veronika Hummel at Germanfest in 2016. Veronika and her father Alfred Hummel direct Das Berta-Hummel-Museum which houses the larges collection of Hummel Figures in the world.  So, who was Berta Hummel? How did she become M I Hummel? And how did her adorable figures spread across the globe? Read the History of Hummel Figurines to learn more….

history hummel figures

Viktoria Hummel, Grand-Niece of Berta M.I. Hummel photo Karen Lodder


History of Hummel Figurines

photo of Berta M.I Hummel from Findagrave.com

People have continued to cherish M.I. Hummel figurines through many decades. The charming figurines depicting sweet children and babies warm the hearts of many collectors and fans. The success of M.I. Hummel figurines is built on a long-standing tradition of attention to detail, quality production, and faithfulness to the vision of the artist.

The artist responsible for these adorable creations was Berta Hummel. She was born in Bavaria in the early 1900s. She enrolled in the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, Germany, where she developed her talent further. Children were largely the subjects of her drawings. Religion was also important to Berta Hummel. She entered a convent where she continued to pursue her artwork and later changed her name to Maria Innocentia. Her drawings began to be published on postcards. Franz Goebel liked the drawings and made an agreement with her to produce porcelain figurines from her images. Goebel’s company only was granted the right to produce the figurines based on M.I. Hummel’s drawings. Berta Hummel was so prolific that new figurines can still be created today.

M. I. Hummel figurines were first introduced to the German public in 1935. They were received well and became popular. During World War II, production of the figurines was restricted, but they were not forgotten. After the war, as the German citizenry recovered, the figurines were sold in shops again. U.S. soldiers in Germany also bought the figurines to send back home.

The actual creation of an M.I. Hummel figurine is a laborious process. When an image is selected for production, it is first sculpted in clay by an experienced artist. This process alone can take many weeks to complete to perfection. Once the figurine is approved, the sculptor and the master mold maker make decisions regarding the production. The figurine must be able to be reproduced in molds, sometimes requiring the figurine to be molded and assembled in a series of pieces. The pieces are made from liquid ceramic, which is poured into plaster molds. When the liquid ceramic thickens, any excess is poured out and the hollow piece can be removed from the mold. The pieces are assembled using more of the liquid ceramic as glue to hold them together. After the excess is removed, the figurine can be smoothed so that no seams can be seen. The figurines are allowed to dry completely then go through two firings in a kiln. They are fired a third time to ensure color bonding and soft surface. The figurines can then be painted. The paint colors used for this process were especially created to match the color palette that Berta Hummel herself used. Once the master painter prepares a sample figurine which meets approval, then the figurines can be painted to follow suit. Each one is lovingly painted by hand. This is a long process, but well worth the wait.

M.I. Hummel figurines have endured as some of the most beloved treasures in the world. Berta Hummel passed away prematurely at the age of 37, but her joy of life and her touching renditions of the world around her have transcended well beyond her lifetime and will continue to be cherished for many generations to come.

history hummel figurines

Hummel Figurines photo- Karen Lodder

In 2008, the last Hummel Figurine was produced, ending an era. However, since they are no longer being made, the prices can only go up.

Value of Hummel Figurines

Hummel figurine Apple Tree Girl, original MI Hummel Collection, gift-boxedHummel figurine Apple Tree Girl, original MI Hummel Collection, gift-boxed

Remember that HUNDREDS of Thousands of Hummel Figurines have been sold since the 1930s. In West Germany they were popular items in the Military PX (store), and soldiers purchased them to send home as gifts. As their popularity spread, they took on a collectible status, people bought, sold and traded the figurines not just because they love them, but because they wanted to make money. Values increased until the late 1970s when the bubble burst. Some of the rare, or more complex Hummels can be sold at high prices, but the average figurine is worth around $50.

And remember! Condition is a HUGE part of the value. And if the original box is present, the value can only go up.

There are rare old Hummel Figurines or Special Edition Figurines that were produced in less numbers, and therefore have more value. It gets even more confusing when you thing that some of the figures were reproduced for years. The earliest versions have value, but the later ones less so. For example, “Adventure Bound” #347 with the TMK-2 stamp (pre-1959) could be worth up to $6000 (depending on condition/box) But newer versions are worth less.  Your best bet is to identify the figurine, and compare it to existing price lists.

M I Hummel ** Adventure Bound 7.25M I Hummel ** Adventure Bound 7.25

Identifying Your Hummel Figurine

On the bottom of the Hummel Figurine, you will see symbols and numbers.

Click HERE to see the Factory Marks over the years–>Hummel Factory Marks


The numbers correspond to the name of the Hummel figurine. Click here to match the number of your Hummel with its Name—-> Hummel Figures Name and Number 

What does TMK Stand For?

When you see TMK on a Hummel listing, it refers to the name of the Mark stamped on the figure. TMK-2 refers to the mark with a FULL Bee (dated 1940-1959), While TMK-3 refers to a Stylized Bee (dated 1960-1972)


Value Old Hummel Figurines

Hummel Figurine value changes all the time, and the most recent price guide available is dated 2013–> Prices Hummel Figures- Hummel Price Guide

Also, Antique-HQ.com has put together this chart —> Hummel Figurines and Collectibles Value Chart

Truly, the value of a Hummel Figurine is owning an object that you find to be beautiful, and that has meaning to you. The lovely children that Berta/ Maria Innocentia captures on paper and in porcelain have made people smile for years. Thanks to the efforts of Albert and Veronika Hummel at Das Berta-Hummel-Museum, and Hummel Clubs worldwide, these precious ornaments will be treasured for years to come.

Where to buy Hummel Figurines

Here you have a huge selection of Hummel Figures at all price points, so you can find the one that means the most to you.

Vintage Hummels


Rare 1959 Hummel - Little Shopper Gretel 96Rare 1959 Hummel – Little Shopper Gretel 96Rare 1959 Hummel - Little Shopper Gretel 96


Find new figurines here…

Hummel c1957 Goebel Out of Danger Model 56/B FigureHummel c1957 Goebel Out of Danger Model 56/B FigureHummel c1957 Goebel Out of Danger Model 56/B FigureM.I. Hummel FigurineM.I. Hummel FigurineM.I. Hummel FigurineThe Little Drummer Figurine 4.25The Little Drummer Figurine 4.25The Little Drummer Figurine 4.25Doctor Hummel FigurineDoctor Hummel FigurineDoctor Hummel FigurineDaisies Don't Tell Goebel Hummel #380 TMK6Daisies Don’t Tell Goebel Hummel #380 TMK6Daisies Don't Tell Goebel Hummel #380 TMK6Hummel Vintage Goebel Blessed Event TMK 4 FigurineHummel Vintage Goebel Blessed Event TMK 4 FigurineHummel Vintage Goebel Blessed Event TMK 4 FigurineGOEBEL HUMMEL FIGURINEGOEBEL HUMMEL FIGURINEGOEBEL HUMMEL FIGURINEGoebel M I Hummel Brand New Keepsake Figurine Keeper of the GoalGoebel M I Hummel Brand New Keepsake Figurine Keeper of the GoalGoebel M I Hummel Brand New Keepsake Figurine Keeper of the GoalM.I. Hummel FigurineM.I. Hummel FigurineM.I. Hummel FigurineHummel Figurine Stormy Weather 6 1/4Hummel Figurine Stormy Weather 6 1/4Hummel Figurine Stormy Weather 6 1/4

Hummel Figurines Nativity Set

Berta MI Hummel was a nun who began by drawing religious images. I think she would have approved of these sweet Nativity Sets.


Berta Hummel Nativity - ShepherdBerta Hummel Nativity – ShepherdBerta Hummel Nativity - Shepherd


c1972 HUM21 Heavenly Angel figurine - NEGR49c1972 HUM21 Heavenly Angel figurine – NEGR49c1972 HUM21 Heavenly Angel figurine - NEGR49


Hummel Christmas

Hummel makes Christmas Ornaments, Plates and Angels!

Vintage Lot of Four Hummel Christmas Plates, 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1975, Berta Hummel ArtworkVintage Lot of Four Hummel Christmas Plates, 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1975, Berta Hummel ArtworkVintage Lot of Four Hummel Christmas Plates, 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1975, Berta Hummel ArtworkVintage Hummel Christmas BellVintage Hummel Christmas BellVintage Hummel Christmas Bell


Hummel Christmas OrnamentHummel Christmas OrnamentHummel Christmas Ornament


Do YOU Collect Hummel Figurines?

How did you get started, and how many do you have?

Join the Hummel Collectors club HERE–> Hummel Collectors Club

hummel figurines




  1. Can you help me please?I have a goose girl candle holder I believe it is a candle holder anyway. Can’t find Hummel markings but has C in a circle copr and then under that I believe it’s a one yyh2 under that looks like an AS I can’t find anything about any of those markings anywhere

  2. Hello
    My sister gave me a present – it is a PLUTO cheramic figure – 14 cm in height.
    I found one alike at the net whcih is desribed as “Seltene vintage Goebel Hummel Pluto Hund Lampe Licht 149 Parfümenduft Spender” . It is very nice and beatyful and charming. At the left backbone is written “DISNEY…..” I can not read two more signs/letters. At the bottom is signed Dis 149. And also the stamp with the Bee showing hat it is produced in the 1940’th or 50’th.
    I can not find it on Your list.
    Can You help me to identify?
    Thank You.

      1. I have 19 hummels all from the late fifties i have 3 that say the date of 1961, i have no information about written dates, it also has the bee

    1. I have a figurine of, I think, Christ the KING and cannot find it . It’s 7 1/2 ” tall and he is holding an orb his cape is peach with a tan gown. it has the bee in the enclosed V with Germany on the bottom. What is the proper name of this peace?

  3. Hello
    I have the Pluto perfume lamp – dis 149.
    It has a blue sign which shows that it was produced in 1950-55.
    However a sign is added – (R) – can You help to identify?

    Kindest regards Finn, Copenhagen, Denmark

  4. I have a Madonna with child Hummel with the marking of a full bee inside a V and the marking (R)
    there are no discernible numbers on the bottom. Madonna mantel is light blue with peach colored dress and baby Jesus is in yellow dress holding a blue flower. Can you tell me anything about this figure?

  5. hello i have a hummel figure with bee for the 1950s with 1/A cannot find this number on your list can you help thank you .

  6. Hello,

    My wife and I both have German parents and have inherited their Hummel collections of plates and figurines, primarily circa 60s-70s – perhaps 100-150 pieces. I’m in the process of cataloging the collection now. My basic reference is “The Official MJ Hummel Price Guide” 2nd edition by Heidi Ann Von Recklinghausen, 2013, which you linked to in you article. I have a few questions I hope you can answer or refer me to someone who might be able to.

    – Are there any other references I should consider?
    – Once I have completed my cataloging how do I go about having the collection appraised and who are reputable resources. (I happen to live in Washington, DC)
    – Without an actual valuation on the collection do you have a recommendation for insurance coverage? Would something like this normally require a separate policy rider prior to valuation?

    We appreciate any help and advice you can give.

    Jim Coffey

  7. I have a 24-piece set of Hummel spice jars w/wall-mounted display case. They have never been used. I used them for wall decor only. I purchased them from The Danbury Mint in approximately 1970-1972. What do you think the value would be today?

  8. I can’t find a mark on my figurine. Were any of the early ones made without a mark? It is a mail boy with a little dog.

  9. I have a few hummels and I have no idea where to go to sell them? They have all these numbers or years on them. I know they are worth money based on what I’ve read so far but I just dont k ow where to go or should I post on line? I wish I could post pics of them in this comment for more help…

  10. How do you go about finding reliable dealers that are willing to purchase hummels. I’m in Massachusetts

  11. My parents collected Hummels mostly in the 70’s. I inherited them. Included are several that were only available to members of the collectors club. Are they rare and valuable? Theres one of a girl holding up a flower and one of a boy with a Valentine, and more.

  12. I have a darling Doll Mother ‘67’ figurine with early Mark, and only saying Germany besides 67 & crown WC Mark. I’ve seen others on eBay that look the same though the markings are newer. Is there a way to identify value of this compared to newer releases? I have not seen others that only say Germany.

  13. I have the Hummel Christmas Tree Decorations with the Verification Cards and dated 1998-2004 (I think) are they worth anything – All are in excellent Condition

  14. confused! …..I have a “girl resting on fence” 4″ figurine ….but none of the images/descriptions match mine? ….almost every one I see described says “W. Germany. …mine show the BIG BEE & marked only: “Germany”?? help

  15. My sister has a collection of Goebel Hummels. Some have the Goebel trademark, item number and the year made. Some have the signature of B. Hummel or MI Hummel and some do not have this signature. Do the Hummels have to have all to the above to be considered authentic hummels?

  16. I have the Hummel Nativity Set(not the little one). I think it’s a 16 or 20 piece Set, that my German Uncle brought over from Germany to my parents when I was just around 12 yrs old. It’s in excellent condition, all wrapped up. I would love to know the Approximate Value of this Set, if possible. I am now 72 yrs old, so that Set must be at least 60-65 yrs old.

  17. I have some figurines I’d like some insight on. Would someone be willing to help me out? I’m just curious not looking to part with them.

  18. I have approx 75 Hummels. Trio Of Wishes, School Girl, Blessed Event Honor Student, Umbrella Boy & Girl Dolls (Cloth Umbrella), Land in Sight All have the original boxed with cert and the inspectors paper on the box. I;m looking for a collector in or near Minnesota. I’m wanting to sell them. I have a spreadsheet of all the items in my inventory with the Catalog or ID number on the box that shows the item in the box. Several Plaques, and dolls.

  19. I have what appears to be a print that I can only seem to see as a post card and would like to know the age. Boy carrying a closed umbrella and a doctors bag/type bag there are bubbles in left corner.

  20. Where can I get Hummels appraised in person in the Boston area? The house needs to be sold soon and we don’t want to put them out with the tag sale.

  21. I have 2 hummels I inherited from my Mom. I know they were all bought in the early to mid 70s when we lived in Germany, but at least a couple were bought from antique stores near Bitburg Germany. I am confused by 3 that are have a date imprinted in the bottom of the base (not ink but stamped in) from 1928, 1938 and 1957yet the Goebel symbol is from the 70s. Which should I give more attention. They are 111 3/0 and 112 3/0 and 340. I am not a collector of any sort and will be looking to sell once I know the value of all 24.

  22. Growing up, my mother had a beautiful collection of Hummels. My father would tell us of how he would send his brother money when he was in the army and Uncle Pal would send back the adorable figurines. I had three older sisters and two younger brothers and we loved playing with them – yes, my sweet wonderful mother would let us take them all down off of their shelves and PLAY with them! When each of my sisters and myself married, she bought each of us the Madonna holding the baby Jesus. It sits on my mantle today. Both of my parents are gone now and each of us have a few of the beautiful pieces – some in tact, some missing a wing or umbrella handle! My mother i law has the entire nativity scene on display in her home and does not let anyone within six feet of it. I love telling her how my mom let us play freely with the pieces growing up. The look on her face is worth it every time! My mom definitely was the best mom in the world. I miss her every day as I look lovingly at my pieces on my mantle. I can’t see a Hummel without thinking of my parents

      1. I have a large boy Hummel going to school with leather backpack and ruler. Also has a carrot shaped felt holder. I also have the girl going to school. Can you tell me what there worth?

  23. Can anyone help me figure out what my hummel/goebel is worth? It is a Santa Clause carrying his sack of presents over his left shoulder with white gloves and blushed cheeks. I can’t find it anywhere on this internet!

  24. I have a Hummel Manger scene that I bought in the PX in Berlin. I put it out every year. I have often wondered how much it is worth. Not that I want to get rid of it.

  25. I am looking for the value of a girl Hummel figurine, dated 1970, named Lore, #248, 10/101. I don’t see it listed in the lists I’ve located on-line. My father sold them in the 1970’s but passed away a year ago. I would apprciate any information you have, also it is not in mint condition 🙁 I just notice a very small chip, one petal is missing from the bouquet she is holding in her left hand. In her right arm she holds a wicker basket full of flowers and there’s a small yellow bird perched on the handle of the basket.

  26. I have gotten one of these Hummel Figurines as a gift from my german friend, and I loved it. I really liked the facts and history attached to these little creatures and felt honored to receive it. I would definitely call my buddy to thank her.

  27. blue stampped with a bee mid V and in blue Copr.W.Goebel Germany in black. Numbers 199 near edge and then in center 88, The figurineI is a sweet girl feeding chickens. Can someone help me identify year and value. It is an estate sale find.

  28. I have a Goebel figure what i see from the marks it would be a TMK-1 I cannot find it anywhere or the name. Its a boy climbing a hill with a back pack, wiping his forehead with a pokadotted cloth with left hand and a cane in his right hand. This figurine is nowhere to be found. It has the incised GW with the wide W. It has FF 12 cannot make out last number. Please help

  29. Can anyone tell me how many pieces were produced for the Hummel / Goebel Nativity set #214 (style in the 1951 through 60’s). I can’t seem to find a definitive answer and am trying to collect an entire set for my mother. Or direct me where I can locate this information.


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