A Visit to Bunte Schokowelt! Land of Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars!

“Quadratisch Praktisch Gut”…. Square Practical Good… I can’t think of a more German slogan for a company than the one used for Ritter Sport Chocolate bars. Ritter Sport bars are famously square, so it’s the perfect size for your pocket (practical!) And good… That might be a vast understatement. Now, you don’t find Ritter Sport chocolates in every grocery store in the US (and that’s a dang shame), and if you DO find them, they cost the EARTH! So as a self-diagnosed chocoholic, there was no way I was going to pass up my chance to visit the Ritter Sport Store in Berlin – Bunte Schokowelt to see what flavors I’ve been missing. What I discovered there was pure magic! It turns out there is a lot more to Ritter Sport than the flavors I’ve gotten to know over the years. There’s a whole RAINBOW of flavors! As for sizes… yes, the pocket sized square reigns supreme… but now there are BIGGER bars…. and divine little cubes….

I left with a tummy full of chocolate and two shopping bags filled with purchases (research, don’t you know).

ritter sport store

Even better… since I got home I found a few places where you can order Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars ONLINE! Even the more unusual flavors like Tortilla Chip. (Although I’m still not convinced that Tortilla Chip Ritter Sport needs to exist).

A Little Bit of Ritter Sport History

Alfred and Clara Ritter started a little chocolate company in 1912, naming it AlRiKa (what is it about Germans and naming this by combining first letters of multiple names… see HaNuTa and Adidas). In 1932 Clara came up with the idea for Ritter Sport. This square bar was designed to fit PERFECTLY into the chest pocket of a man’s sports coat without breaking, but still had the same 100 gr of chocolate as other chocolate bars (This is probably why my Opa always had chocolate or other candies in his pockets).

bunte schokowelt

Until the 1960s, the company still made holiday chocolates and boxes of chocolate candies, but slowly they began to phase those items out of production, to focus on the square. 1974 was a revolutionary time for Ritter… the RAINBOW packaging that gave each variety or flavor of chocolate a different colored wrapper was launched in a nationwide push! The idea was… you could now see the world in color on your TV, you should be able to eat in colors too… (as a marketing idea, it wasn’t bad). From there, other innovations were launched by the people at Ritter… the snap open package, recyclable packaging, support of small cocoa farmers with an aim at saving the environment, the invention of the BIG BAR, and (my favorite) the opening of the Bunte Schokowelt (Colorful Chocolateworld!) in Berlin.

Bunte Schokowelt

Bunte Schokowelt

If you happen to be in Berlin, and you are feeling a bit weary of touring Museums, Churches and Monuments, I suggest you take a break at Bunte Schokowelt. It’s sort of a museum (there is an exhibit explaining how a cocoa bean becomes chocolate)… and it’s a shop (every known variety of Ritter Chocolate can be purchased… and BIG BAGS of small squares can be scooped up)…. It’s hands on for the kids (and the kid-like) since you can also MAKE your own CUSTOM Ritter Bar! (There is a station where you choose the fillings, and someone mixes it all up for you). Nice souvenir!

Or just do what I did. Wander around a bit, then settle in for a cup of cocoa made with Ritter Chocolate

ritter Sport chocolate bars

Cocoa made with Ritter Chocolate

(you can also have cake)

bunte schokowelt

One hour and 2 shopping bags full later, I was ready to take on Berlin again!

You can find Bunte Schokowelt at Französische Straße 24, 10117 Berlin


Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars

ritter sport chocolate bars

There are over 30 varieties of Ritter Sport Chocolate bars (one for every day of the month, and 2 for Sunday). Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, and even White Chocolate filled with Marzipan, Nougat, Fruit fillings, crispy additions like corn flakes or puffed rice, coconut and nuts. In addition, 3 Seasonal Varieties are released each quarter. (There is a complicated algorithm to decide which ones are repeated, and which are doomed to live in memory). All 100 gr, all 4 by 4 squares.

The new Ritter Big Block is 250 gr … and comes in fewer varieties, but at that size, you might be more willing to share. (Maybe)

ritter sport chocolate bars

And of course, many of you are familiar with the minis. These little blocks are a great size for a quick chocolate pick-me-up… perfect for Lunch Boxes or Advent Calendars.

But my new favorite was a complete surprise. Ritter is now making soft squares called Choco Cubes. The Praline flavored one is my favorite….But the Jamaica Rum… oh my that’s good.

ritter sport chocolate bars

Now, that’s all fine and good… but it’s no help to just READ about chocolate. Chocolate is meant to be eaten and enjoyed. Luckily, it’s possible to find all of these wonderful Ritter Sport flavors online. So, order a few of your favorites, add a few new ones that sound intriguing…and enjoy the taste of Ritter Sport chocolate at home!

ritter sport chocolate bars


More to do in Berlin

Ritter Sport QuadrettisRitter Sport QuadrettisGermanShop24



Buy Ritter Sport Online

Some flavors of Ritter Sport are only available in Bulk (but is it really a hardship to buy 10 bars at once?) Others come individually… I will try to sort them by type so they are easier to find…

Just Chocolate-

Fine Milk ChocolateFine Milk ChocolateGermanShop24Gold edition 8.8 ozGold edition 8.8 ozGermanShop24Dark ChocolateDark ChocolateGermanShop24

Chocolate with Nuts-

HazelnutHazelnutGermanShop24Honey Salted AlmondHoney Salted AlmondGermanShop24Whole NutsWhole NutsGermanShop24Dark Whole NutDark Whole NutGermanShop24whole almondwhole almondGermanShop24White with Whole HazelnutsWhite with Whole HazelnutsGermanShop24

Chocolate with Nuts and other things-
Tech Guy can not be left alone in the room with the Rum, Raisin, Nut variety…

Rum Raisin HazelnutRum Raisin HazelnutGermanShop24Raisin HazelnutRaisin HazelnutGermanShop24Cranberry HazelnutCranberry HazelnutGermanShop24Hazelnut cornflakeHazelnut cornflakeGermanShop24

Special Flavors!

Buenos Dias Mango Passion FruitBuenos Dias Mango Passion FruitGermanShop24Hula Hula Coconut WaferHula Hula Coconut WaferGermanShop24Marhaba Yogurt Honey NutMarhaba Yogurt Honey NutGermanShop24

Soft Filled-
I LOVE the Nugat flavor…OH! And Peppermint… and Caramel Mousse…..

PeppermintPeppermintGermanShop24Strawberry YogurtStrawberry YogurtGermanShop24NogatNogatGermanShop24YogurtYogurtGermanShop24CoconutCoconutGermanShop24Cocoa MousseCocoa MousseGermanShop24MarzipanMarzipanGermanShop24Butter CookieButter CookieGermanShop24White and CrispWhite and CrispGermanShop24

VEGAN and Lactose Free Ritter Sport!

Perfect for those on Special Diets!

Lactose Free Milk ChocolateLactose Free Milk ChocolateGermanShop24Vegan Dark Chocolate with Amaranth and NutsVegan Dark Chocolate with Amaranth and NutsGermanShop24Vegan Dark with Almonds and QuinoaVegan Dark with Almonds and QuinoaGermanShop24

Ritter Minis-

I love the minis… mostly because when I eat a whole one I don’t feel really guilty (honestly, can you open a Ritter Sport bar and just eat a PART of it???) Keep some in your purse, in case you or someone you love, needs a smile (I love the ones with sayings on them!). Buy boxes or bags.

QuadrettisQuadrettisGermanShop24Ritter Minis with sayingsRitter Minis with sayingsGermanShop24MessagesMessagesGermanShop24Bunter MixBunter MixGermanShop24Hazelnut MixHazelnut MixGermanShop24


Ritter Choco Cubes

These Ritter chocolates are a delightful surprise. No, you don’t get a whole bar… you get an individually wrapped perfect soft chocolate filled with something REALLY YUMMY. Fruit, Praline, Rum/Raisin…. swoon. These are so good, I save them for life’s more trying moments. And then it all goes away.


Ritter Cubes- Thank YOuRitter Cubes- Thank YOuGermanShop24Rum CrunchRum CrunchGermanShop24Ritter Sport Ritter Sport Choco Cubes, 5.1 OunceRitter Sport Ritter Sport Choco Cubes, 5.1 OunceGermanShop24

Ritter Sport Chocolate Bars, Cubes and other tasty Treats….

With so many flavors to choose from, you can never get tired of Ritter Sport Chocolates!

ritter sport chocolate bars


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