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As you may have noticed… I love it when I get to share guest posts to the German Girl in America site…. It’s so fascinating to read other people’s stories and see that we really are all one big club. Don’t think to yourself “oh, I can’t write” or “no one is interested”! We would all love to hear what you have to say! (and I can help with formatting or organization if you need it)

To submit an article send an email with subject line “German Girl Guest Post” to Marketing Dept.  along with your article, or an idea for an article that you would like to contribute.

We welcome writing that tells about your experiences as a German in America (or an American in Germany)… German history or Culture… German Traditions or Festivals… great Recipes…. Book reviews… Travel experiences….Family stories…. Immigration stories…dance groups…. and more.

Qualifications & Terms of Use:
(Legal-eze butt covering stuff)

When Contributing to GermanGirlinAmerica,  you must abide by the following:

  • You must have a valid email address.
  • Your postings must be constructive in nature, and pertain to “German/American” topics; from reflections on daily life to interests, events, trends, and more.
  • Guest Writers may make up to four (4) submissions per month to GermanGirlinAmerica.
  • Guest Writers will make every effort to conduct adequate research when citing statistics and provide sources when needed.
  • By submitting your writing to GermanGirlinAmerica, you give full permission to have your material featured in the GermanGirlinAmerica Guest Post section.
  • We understand that your writing is your property by law. You keep all copyrights.
  • You may not put links in Guest Posts, other than one in your Bio linking back to your site if you have one.

GermanGirlinAmerica makes no guarantee that your work will meet approval for publishing 100% of the time. Our editorial team may make recommendations for content improvements on a case-by-case basis, and you may accept the recommendations at your discretion.

We look forward to reviewing your content and ideas for articles.

Submit your articles HERE—> Marketing Dept.

Pricing for sponsored posts is also available upon request.


Here are some examples from previous Guest Posters…

Libby, A Second Generation American

The History of the Freistadt Alte Kameradin Band

German Music in History

Memories of Christmas, A Trip to the City

Starting Over in America

Visit to Welfen Kaserne Landsberg

10 thoughts on “Submit a Guest Post To German Girl In America

  1. I love all the information on this site! It’s also so funny as to how I share in all the memories of a German girl growing up in America, It’s so true!

    When I was a little girl, my mother and I went to visit family in Germany. My Opa, which lived in East Germany at the time, took me to a shop to buy me a Sandman doll. I still have it and I also found and bought another one in an antique shop in Bisbee, Arizona. I can’t seem to find more information on this once popular guy and I am still trying to find more dolls/items.. Does anyone have any information ? Vielen dank! (Many thanks!)

  2. The Nun was named Walburga with a “B” not a “P” by the church, and nobody really knows who she was.
    The Church erased as much of the “old” Germanic celebrations, just as the erased the knowledge of “Herbal Healing” For them the Herbal Healers were just witches.

  3. Is the Akron Christkindlmarket still going on in 2017?

  4. I spent 7 years in Germany with the US Army. Loved it, and miss it. Want to go back someday soon! Cool website!

  5. my husband lives in UK his mum was from near Neumunster he vividly remembers his mum making this biscuit cake using morning coffee biscuits. thanks for your recipe

    1. Where near Neummünster? I grew up there until I moved to Michigan. My family is still in Getmany.

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