Wooden German Christmas Decorations from the German Christmas Shop USA

Last year I was lucky… I was not only able to get to the Christmas Markets in Germany, I was also able to get to the workshops and stores in Seiffen to buy authentic Wooden German Christmas decorations. You see, I love the real deal, not the cheap knockoffs from wherever.  I want to be able to keep woodcarving traditions in Germany alive. Because of Covid-19, traveling to Germany is currently not an option… and it’s uncertain when things will open up again. Even worse, due to the early shutdown, many of the artisans in Germany had to close their workshops for long periods. This has left German-made Christmas decorations in very short supply!

So, what can we do? It turns out there is still a great source of AUTHENTIC Christmas decorations… The German Christmas Shop!

Lighted Arch (Schwibbogan) - Classic - Christmas Tree with Red BaublesLighted Arch (Schwibbogan) – Classic – Christmas Tree with Red Baubles

Wooden German Christmas Decorations from the German Christmas Shop

Unfamiliar with the German Christmas Shop? It’s owned and operated by a lovely couple named Ronnie and Kristie. A few years ago they went to Germany and went nuts for the authentic Christmas Decorations they found there. They started buying hand-made pieces directly from the artisans to sell. In fact, they ONLY sell pieces from artists that they have met and trust. Their decorations may cost a little more, but they are all pieces of art, designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime, and then handed down.

Ronnie reached out to me recently.

He writes- “We have been very lucky to secure some truly amazing items for our store this year. The catch is… we are only receiving one shipment from each of our suppliers. So, when stocks run out… well, that’s it until 2021. If you were thinking of adding to your collection this year, we suggest that you take a look sooner rather than later (especially if you are after a Rudolph, Pyramid or incense burner!)”

August may seem early, but supply is limited! The store just opened for pre-Orders, so smokers and music boxes are going FAST. November may be too late to grab the Wooden Decorations you are looking for.

Here are Just a few of the Wonderful Wooden German Christmas Decorations The German Christmas Shop Carries!

Nutcracker (Premium Collector's Edition) - Santa Delivering PresentsNutcracker (Premium Collector’s Edition) – Santa Delivering Presents

 Smokers/ Incense Burners

Smokers/Incense Burners are such a fun tradition at Christmastime. My kids always loved seeing the smoke come from our snowman and his pipe. These days, alongside the traditional “smoking man” you will find cute “fairy tale” houses where the smoke comes out of the chimney! The German Christmas Shop ordered extra of these adorable and colorful Smokers, certain to delight kids, or  your inner child.
And since the burners don’t work without it, you can also find a few different kinds Incense to burn in your Smoker.

Incense Burner (House) - Fairytale Red Riding HoodIncense Burner (House) – Fairytale Red Riding HoodIncense Burner - Premium - Santa on Christmas EveIncense Burner – Premium – Santa on Christmas Eve

LED Schwibbogan

I have been a fan of Schwibbogan for years. They are a light in the window to ward off the darkness. In Germany, they gained popularity again at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, as a beacon of hope. The scenes show on both sides, so they look beautiful from either angle.
The problem is, most of the ones I found in Germany were made with the German electrical plugs. The German Christmas Shop managed to get some for the American outlets! No more funky adapters, or leaving them dark.

Lighted Arch (Schwibbogan) - Fairytale - StarburstLighted Arch (Schwibbogan) – Fairytale – StarburstLighted Arch (Schwibbogan) - Classic - NativityLighted Arch (Schwibbogan) – Classic – Nativity

Music Boxes

Because they were so popular last year, this year the German Christmas Shop made sure to stock up on their largest ever selection of Music Boxes. Handmade wooden music boxes aren’t just for Christmas, these treasures are a memorable gift at any time…like a birthday or wedding. The small Fairy Tale scenes are special “hand crank” music boxes that play while you are turning the crank.  All of the colorful music boxes are hand made by Graupner Holzminiaturen.

Music Box (Premium) - Christmas at HomeMusic Box (Premium) – Christmas at HomeMusic Box (Traditional Crank-Style) - Dutch Farm BoyMusic Box (Traditional Crank-Style) – Dutch Farm Boy


Christmas Tree Decorations

Every year my mother and I each give the kids/grand kids a special Christmas Tree Ornament. And wooden ornaments like these are my favorite. You can find them to match personalities (for example- my youngest loves Noah’s Ark). Or a theme. The colorful ornaments make the tree look special… and the non-painted ones are great for people who prefer their ornaments to be a little more natural.

Noah's Ark - Christmas tree decorationNoah’s Ark – Christmas tree decorationLittle Gnome Christmas tree decoration - Bavarian (Colourful)Little Gnome Christmas tree decoration – Bavarian (Colourful)

Wooden Pyramids

Movement makes German Pyramids so special. And I love that, like the music boxes, the Pyramids now come in styles that can be enjoyed the whole year, and not just at Christmas. Your favorite Fairy Tales comes to life as the candle moves the propeller. While they aren’t “toys” I know that children of all ages will love these! Still, my favorite are the Christmas Pyramids. Those special decorations that only come out for a few weeks every year, and get lit up on Christmas Eve.

Both of these are powered by Tea Lights, which means you don’t have to worry about special candles. But if you have a Pyramid, and NEED candles, The German Christmas Shop stocks those too.

Christmas Pyramid (Small) - Fairytale Frog PrinceChristmas Pyramid (Small) – Fairytale Frog PrinceChristmas Pyramid (Medium)- Nativity (Natural)Christmas Pyramid (Medium)- Nativity (Natural)

Even if  can’t go to Germany myself this year, I’m happy that I can still find high-quality, authentic wooden German Christmas decorations at The German Christmas Shop USA. I am confident that you will love their selection too.

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