Brotzeit- The delicious Bavarian Snack and Meal

In Bavaria, as in the rest of Germany, food is important. You need fuel to put in a hard day’s work. And you need something to soak up the alcohol in the beer (which is legally a bread in Germany… but that’s another story). Grabbing a slice of toast on your way out the door is not going to cut it. What you need is a second breakfast, what you really need is Brotzeit.  What is Brotzeit? Literally, Brotzeit means Bread Time. And in Bavaria, Brotzeit is a time to sit down, and have a little something (haha, little), sort of a hearty snack, around 10am. But Brotzeit can also mean a snack later in the day… say at a Biergarten… when you are enjoying a few liters of beer in the afternoon sun with friends, and it’s good to have a base in your stomach.

Don’t confuse Brotzeit with Mahlzeit (which is meal time). Brotzeit is snack, Mahlzeit is meal! And Kaffeezeit is coffee in the afternoon. While Abendbrot (what I grew up with) is Evening Bread and Vesper is another between meal snack/meal. One definition says that Abendbrot comes AFTER 6pm, and Vesper is BEFORE 6pm, but after Mittagessen, the mid-day meal. (All these meals make me wonder if Tolkien got his idea for Hobbits from my family…)

But, right now we are talking about Brotzeit.

what is brotzeit

What is Brotzeit

Brotzeit is two things.

1. Brotzeit comes in the morning, usually around 10am (right about the time that Yogurt and Muesli you ate is wearing off).
2. Brotzeit is something you can order or serve in the afternoon, when enjoying a Beer with friends. Maybe in a Biergarten, or on a weekend hike.

What you get to eat might vary a bit from person to person/ place to place, but essentially you get a platter covered with delicious things… and some Rye Bread or a Pretzel (or TREE of Pretzels) to enjoy with it. Think a Charcuterie Board… but with a Bavarian Accent.

And if all goes according to plan, you also get beer. (Yes, even at 10am… )


what is brotzeit

Make a Brotzeit Board or Platter

The  board is usually a wood platter covered with delicious things. It’s served with a basket containing breads.

Instead of plates, it’s nice to have Brettchen (small boards) to make cutting sausages or tomatoes easier.

In the Bread Basket

Bread– (makes sense, it is BREAD time) Usually slices of a nice Rye Bread.
Pretzel (or Brezn’)– Big thick ones that can be spread with butter or cheese.

On the Brotzeit Board

SausageSticks of Landjaeger, Slices of Salami or both
Smoked Meat Schinken (Ham)
CheeseEmmental , Almdammer, Butterkäse

You want something creamy to dip or spread onto a pretzel or piece of bread.
Obatzda – a creamy cheese dip made with cheese and beer
Griebenschmalz- rendered pork fat with cracklings
Quark Dip- Quark (or plain Greek yogurt) mixed with Ricotta cheese, fine chopped fresh herbs & chopped green onion, salt and pepper.

I can see some of you starting to panic. It’s just a few vegetables to make things crunchy. YOU CAN actually have vegetarian Brotzeit!
Radishes– small red ones whole – sprinkle with salt
Radi or Beer Radish – a spiral sliced Daikon Radish sprinkled with salt
Tomato– whole cherry tomato or sliced fresh Tomato (salt or Tomatensalz)

Pickled anything tastes good with a beer, doesn’t it?
Barrel pickles
Spicy Pickles

Bavarian Sweet Mustard or your Favorite Other Mustard

Want more?

Hard Boiled Eggs
Slices of Roast Pork
House Made Liverwurst
Wurstsalat Bavarian Sausage Salad
Chive Sandwiches – Slice of Rye bread spread thick with butter, then covered in Chopped Chives


Yes, Beer.
Beer is perfectly acceptable as a morning Beverage. And in a Biergarten, it’s expected.

Order What You Need for Brotzeit

Need a spiral cutter for your Radi? How about some sausage?

German Black Forest Schinken - Sliced Dry Cured Smoked HamGerman Black Forest Schinken – Sliced Dry Cured Smoked HamigourmetLachsschinken Cured & Smoked HamLachsschinken Cured & Smoked Hamigourmet


Radimax Spiral CutterRadimax Spiral CutterRadimax Spiral CutterBaldauf AlpcheeseBaldauf AlpcheeseigourmetBeer KaeseBeer KaeseigourmetSchaller & Weber All Natural Landjaeger - 10 Ounce AverageSchaller & Weber All Natural Landjaeger – 10 Ounce AverageSchaller & Weber All Natural Landjaeger - 10 Ounce AverageSchaller & Weber TouristenwurstSchaller & Weber TouristenwurstSchaller & Weber Touristenwurst

Bavarian Sweet & Spicy MustardBavarian Sweet & Spicy MustardigourmetLandjager SCHALLER & WEBERLandjager SCHALLER & WEBERigourmet


Onion Schmalz with AppleOnion Schmalz with AppleGermanShop24Multi-grain breadMulti-grain breadGermanShop24Sunflower BreadSunflower BreadGermanShop24Potato Rye rollsPotato Rye rollsGermanShop24


Get Ideas for a Unique or Festive Brotzeit Platter

Veggie-Brotzeit: Aufstriche, Salate und Bratlinge für die besten Sandwiches (German Edition)Veggie-Brotzeit: Aufstriche, Salate und Bratlinge für die besten Sandwiches (German Edition)Veggie-Brotzeit: Aufstriche, Salate und Bratlinge für die besten Sandwiches (German Edition)BROTZEIT = die schönste Zeit!BROTZEIT = die schönste Zeit!BROTZEIT = die schönste Zeit!BrotzeitBrotzeitBrotzeit

what is brotzeit


3 thoughts on “Brotzeit- The delicious Bavarian Snack and Meal

  1. I love Wurstsalad, but don’t care to make it with American bologna. Its to greasy for my taste, and gives me a greasy feel on the top of my mouth. Give me German made bologna and I will make the Wurstsalad in a heart beat. Like twice a week. I prefer the German bologna with a little garlic in it. When some of my friends find out that I made Wurstsalad, they invite themselfs. Never knew I had that many friends. Of course my big mouth daughter had to spread the word around. Her favorite saying is always the same. Mamma, guess who is coming to dinner. By now I’m prepared for that, and I make plenty one day ahead.

  2. Do you have some links or ideas where to purchase Holzteller ( wooden plates /wooden boards) for Brotzeit? Thank you.

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